Visible to the public Understanding Ultrafast Instabilities in a Global Cyber-Physical System

Abstract: Most future CPS systems will represent a complex, messy mix of hardware, software and human interactions - and may produce dangerous instabilities quicker than some external controller can react. The specific focus and motivation of this project concerns modeling and understanding the dynamics of such CPS that are large and evolve in a decentralized way due to changing market conditions, yielding a system comprising many heterogeneous components that may have incompatible communication protocols (e.g.


Visible to the public Real-Time Cyber-Human-Vehicle Systems for Driving Safety Enhancement

In this poster, we briefly present the overview of this CPS project and our research progress in its first two years. The overall goals of this project are to develop onboard-adaptable and personalizable human driver models, create revolutionary driver-specific and personalized vehicle active motion control systems, design dynamic onboard real-time computation task scheduling methods, and integrate real-time V2V communications with driver-vehicle-pair-specific inter-vehicle motion control methods.


Visible to the public Architecturally-Integrated Hazard Analyses for Medical Application Platforms

The objective of this research is to develop new forms of tool-supported safety analyses for next-generation integrated medical systems that are based on the concept of medical application platforms (MAP). A MAP is a safety- and security-critical real-time computing platform for (a) integrating heterogeneous devices, medical IT systems, and information displays via a communication infrastructure and (b) hosting application programs ("apps") that provide medical utility via the ability to both acquire information from and update/control integrated devices, IT systems, and displays.