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On behalf of the CPS Virtual Organization, (CPS-VO) we would like to invite you to publish and make accessible your active resources via the CPS-VO. Explore the tabs in the left menu to learn more about Tool Libraries, Integrated Tools and Design Studios.

Not sure how your resource would be classified?

  • If the resource is self-contained, providing a suite of services through a fully web-accessible interface, the CPS-VO can provide authentication services to the resource hosted in our cloud or on your own servers. Embedding a resource inside the CPS-VO in this light-weight manner would be considered a Design Studio.
  • If the resource requires external inputs to be configured, or does not have a web interface, but can still be run in a background process via SSH commands, this type of resource would be considered an Integrated Tool. The CPS-VO would provide parameter configuration and output storage in addition to authentication services, in our cloud or on your servers.
  • If the resource is limited by licensing agreements, export restrictions, or you otherwise do not wish to make a running copy available on a shared resource for anyone in the world to access, you can still have it listed in a Tool Library. This makes information about the resource publicly available and searchable, with references to your own repository, website, guides, etc.

Still not sure, or think you need a mix of these? We can help! Contact us through the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If your tool was developed as part of a government grant, please list the grant award number.
Note that independent from the level of integration, your stated IP rights are not impacted.