Visible to the public Attend a Meeting

View a video demo:

The meeting post includes the meeting name, when it was uploaded, a description of it and a status. A meeting that is available to join will have a status of "running". Click on the “Attend meeting” link to join the meeting. (If the meeting is not yet running, you can still click "Attend Meeting" to go into a holding status until the moderator starts the meeting.)

Figure 1: Join


Below is a snapshot of the layout of a meeting.


Figure 2: Join

1. Turn on sound.

2. Turn on visual.

3. Mute your microphone.

4. This is your username.

5. Raise your hand.

6. Video of participants

7. Document viewer

8. Chat with participants

  • corporately - by typing in the chat window.
  • individually - by clicking the user's name, then the plus, then the tab with their name on it (return to corporate chat by clicking the "All" tab)

9. Reset the layout of the web meeting.

10. Exit the meeting.