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The Research Directorate of the National Security Agency is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Science of Security (SoS) Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition. Of the 35 papers nominated, one winner and one honorable mention were chosen...
The August 2013 issue of the Technology Innovation Management Review focused on the theme of Cybersecurity. This is the second of two issues covering the the editorial theme of Cybersecurity. These two issues of the journal include 15 contributions from 31 authors, 13 of which are with universities and research institutes...
For the past three years, the National Security Agency (NSA) and US Government have been partnering with academia to create a research community dedicated to the Science of Security (SoS). More recently, NSA made a strong commitment to this venture by giving almost three hundred departments at universities the opportunity...
The annually held CRITIS conference is devoted to Critical (Information) Infrastructure security, protection and resilience. The 9th edition will be held from 13-15 October 2014 in Limassol, Cyprus. Modern society relies on the availability and smooth operation of a variety of complex engineering systems. These systems...
Registration is now open for a security-oriented programming competition hosted by The Maryland Cybersecurity Center. This online contest will begin Aug. 28 for teams of students enrolled at US-based universities. Cash prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams. Further details are available here.
The government is sponsoring this survey to identify research currently being done in the Science of Security (SoS) as well as research that might apply to the Science of Security. The results of the survey will be used to build a Science of Security community, to nurture and foster research being done in the discipline,...
The Army Research Laboratory is offering Post Doctoral Fellowships in a number of topical areas related to the science of cyber security. Detailed information on specific research topics and application information can be found at -

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  • Abstract: Cloud computing allows users to delegate data and computation to cloud service providers, at the cost of giving up physical control of their computing infrastructure. An attacker (e.g., insider) with physical access to the computing platform can perform various physical attacks, including probing... more
  • Abstract: The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is widely used to secure data transfers on the Internet. Previous studies have shown that the state of non-browser SSL code is catastrophic across a large variety of desktop applications and libraries as well as a large selection of Android apps, leaving users... more
  • Abstract: To instill greater confidence in computations outsourced to the cloud, clients should be able to verify the correctness of the results returned. To this end, we introduce Pinocchio, a built system for efficiently verifying general computations while relying only on cryptographic assumptions. With... more

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