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The upcoming quarterly SoS Lablet meeting will be held at the University of Maryland on Tuesday, October 28 and Wednesday, October 29, 2014. The meeting for both days will take place on the UMD Campus at the Riggs Alumni Center, Orem Rooms A, B, and C. The program agenda and logistics information can be found at: http://...
An ad hoc National Research Council committee will consider future research goals and directions for foundational science in cybersecurity, to include relevant efforts in economics and behavioral science as well as more "traditional" cybersecurity topics. It will also consider how investments in foundational work support...
This annual European conference is dedicated to informing and networking experts from across the globe in computer, network, and application security. Leading security professionals in academia, government, industry, and underground to attend.
Regarded as the largest telecommunications exhibition in the Caspian basin and the Caucasus, BakuTel brings international ICT companies, government, and media to discover, discuss, and be informed of newest ideas, projects, and services for security, communication and networks, analysis, and more.
The government is sponsoring this survey to identify research currently being done in the Science of Security (SoS) as well as research that might apply to the Science of Security. The results of the survey will be used to build a Science of Security community, to nurture and foster research being done in the discipline,...
The Research Directorate of the National Security Agency is pleased to announce the winner of this year's Science of Security (SoS) Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper Competition. Of the 35 papers nominated, one winner and one honorable mention were chosen...
A conference that invites various professionals, academics, and enthusiasts interested in information security. Briefings and Trainings are offered; Training hosted by varying computer security vendors. Briefings inform and discuss most current, popular topics, and include notable keynote speakers.

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