Visible to the public Management

The management structure includes the following three components:

1.      Industrial Executive Board (IEB)
a.      The roles of the IEB are to: (1) advise the CPS-VO regarding emerging CPS research challenges across industrial sectors; (2) advise the directions in extending the CPS-VO infrastructure components; and (3) to evaluate progress in the CPS-VO and in the CPS-VO infrastructure from the point of view of industrial competitiveness
b.      Members of the IEB are chosen/elected from their respective communities, via mechanisms to keep participation and selection open, transparent, and with defined terms.
2.      Academic Executive Board (AEB)
a.      The roles of the AEB are to: (1) identify and formulate CPS fundamental scientific challenges across disciplines; (2) evaluate progress in the scientific foundations, intellectual directions, and problem understanding; and (3) evaluate progress in the CPS-VO operation, including the infrastructure, collaborations, and education.
b.     The AEB includes representatives of the CCC, the CPS-VO host organization (currently Institute for Software Integrated Systems at Vanderbilt University), and elected members of the CPS research community nominated by IEB members, CPS-related SIGs and TCs, and other working groups in the CPS-VO community.
3.      Outreach Board (ORB)
a.      The role of the ORB is to explore and coordinate interactions with academic institutions, industry, and government as appropriate.
b.     Members of the ORB will be elected by the community through the TCs/SIGs.
4.      Board Members – 2010-2011
All three boards will initially comprise cohorts of members with two-year terms. The charter, terms, and method for nominating and electing subsequent classes will be approved by the CPS community according to an open decision process that will be proposed jointly by the initial VO boards, in consultation with the community.
a.       Academic Executive Board
George Pappas (U Penn) – Chair
John Baras (U Maryland)
Anjan Bose (WSU)
Eric Feron (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Karl Hedrick (UC Berkeley)
Bruce Krogh (CMU)
PR Kumar (UIUC)
Edward Lee (UC Berkeley)
Insup Lee (U Penn)
Nancy Lynch (MIT)
Dimitri Mavris (Georgia Institute of Technology)
John Mitchell (Stanford)
Raj Rajkumar (CMU)
Jack Stankovic (U Virginia)
Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt, CPS-VO)
Claire Tomlin (UC Berkeley)
b.     Industry Executive Board
Don Winter (Boeing) – Chair
John Borghese (Rockwell Collins) 
Nady Boules (General Motors)
Isaac Cohen (United Technologies)
Richard Buskins (Lockheed Martin)
Eric Fluga (Caterpillar)
Venkatesh K. Prasad (Ford)
John Reid (Deere & Company)
Lonny Stormo (Medtronic)
David Tennenhouse (New Venture Partners)
5.      Meetings
The Boards will have a joint meeting once a year in conjunction with the CPS Week or the CPS PI meeting.