Since we will have a live online event, we shortened the program to accomodate at many time zones as possible. Recordings of the workshop.

17:00-18:30 (CEST) Contributed Papers (tentative; 10 min presentation, 5 min discussion)

17:00 Jawher Jerray, Laurent Fribourg and Etienne Andre: Guaranteed phase synchronization of hybrid oscillators using symbolic Euler's method
17:15 Johan Liden Eddeland, Sajed Miremadi and Knut Akesson: Evaluating Optimization Solvers and Robust Semantics for Simulation-Based Falsification
17:30 Johan Liden Eddeland, Alexandre Donze, Sajed Miremadi and Knut Akesson: Industrial Temporal Logic Specifications for Falsification of Cyber-Physical Systems
17:45 Maximilian Gaukler: Analysis of Real-Time Control Systems using First-Order Continuization
18:00 Ian Mitchell: A Robust Controlled Backward Reach Tube with (Almost) Analytic Solution for Two Dubins Cars
18:15 Edward Kim and Parasara Sridhar Duggirala: Kaa: A Python Implementation of Reachable Set Computation Using Bernstein Polynomials

18:30-18:45 (CEST) Break

18:45 Taylor Johnson: Tour through our online repository

19:00-20:10 (CEST) Results of the ARCH Friendly Competition

19:00 Piecewise Constant Dynamics plus BMC (lead: Lei Bu)
19:10 Continuous and Hybrid Systems with Linear Dynamics (lead: Matthias Althoff)
19:20 Nonlinear Systems (lead: Luca Geretti)
19:30 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network Control Systems (lead: Taylor Johnson)
19:40 Stochastic Models (lead: Alessandro Abate)
19:50 Falsification (lead: Gidon Ernst)
20:00 Hybrid Programs (lead: Stefan Mitsch)

20:10-20:15 (CEST) Break

20:15 Discussion on the future of the friendly competition

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