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2013 National Workshop on Energy CPS - Paper Submissions
Abhishek Dubey Understanding Failure Dynamics in the Smart Electric Grid Vanderbilt University
Alefiya Hussain Modeling, Simulation, and Emulation as Tools for Experimental Research in Energy Cyber Physical Systems USC/Information Sciences Institute
Alex Stankovic Water-Energy Systems: Distributed Coupled Cyber-Physical Networks Tufts University
Alvaro Cardenas Evaluating the Security of Anomaly Detection in CPS UT Dallas
Andres Kwasinski A Case for Microgrid Architectures for a More Effective Use of Renewable Energy Rochester Institute of Technology
Anna Scaglione Modeling, Analyzing and Managing Complex Future Power Delivery Systems UC Davis
Anuradha Annaswamy Energy CPS Network Science MIT
Anurag Srivastava Model-based Integration Technology to Enable Resilient Next-Generation Electric Grid Washington State University
Aranya Chakrabortty Distributed Algorithms for Wide-Area Control of Power System Oscillations North Carolina State University
Arnold Urken Designing Emergent Cyberphysical Control Systems University of Arizona
Ayse Coskun Efficient Renewable Generation through Load-Side Dynamic Reserve Provision Boston University
Benjamin Beckmann Big Control in the Industrial Internet GE Global Research
Bernard Lesieutre Preserving Confidentiality of Power System Information University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brendan Mumey Computational Challenges in Smart Grid Montana State University
Bruce Krogh Building a Truly Smart Grid: What Can We Do When There Is No Legacy System? Carnegie Mellon University
Clifford Neuman Improving Operational Resiliency of Cyber-Physical Systems to Attacks and Failures University of Southern California
Craig Rieger Resilient Control Architectures & Systems (ReCAS) Idaho National Laboratory
Daniel Kirschen Optimization and Control of Energy Storage and Demand Response University of Washington
David Manz PNNL Cyber Physical Research Laboratory: NSF CPS Response Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Demosthenis Teneketzis Integration of renewable and conventional energy generation University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Dhananjay Phatak Re-visiting the AC vs DC current wars in light (shadow?) of Solar Panels CSEE Dept. UMBC
Dhananjay Phatak SMartER Power Grid CSEE Dept. UMBC
Diana Marculescu Climate-Aware Wide Area Coordination of Distributed River Energy Resources Carnegie Mellon University
Douglas Adams Energy Cyber Physical Systems for Greener Residential Power: Towards Sustainable Communities Vanderbilt University
Edmund Yeh Analysis and Control for Resilient Interdependent Cyberphysical Networks Northeastern University
Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez Secure Partitioning of Large Power Systems Oregon State University
Eli Bozorgzadeh Self-Sustainable Cyber-Physical Spaces Through Distributed Micro-Scale Energy Harvesting UC Irvine
Eugenio Schuster Cyber-Physical Research Challenges and Opportunities in Next-Generation Power Plants Lehigh University
Fernando Mancilla-David Architectures, Cyber-Physical Co-Modeling and Vulnerability Monitoring for Power Distribution Systems University of Colorado Denver
G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy Advanced Computational Methods to Integrate Real-Time System Data for Smart Grid Control Center Operations Clemson University
Gabriela Hug Challenges and Attributes of Future Energy Cyber-Physical Systems Carnegie Mellon University
Galina Schwartz Secure Demand Shaping for Smart Grid UC Berkeley
Guy Gadola Delivering Energy to Mini-Grids and Vehicles Independently of Existing Transmission Systems University of Pittsburgh
Harini Ramaprasad Stability of a Cyber-Physical Smart Grid System using Cooperating Invariants Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Honggang Wang Towards Cognitive Radio Communication based Green Electrical Vehicle (EV) Micro-grid University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Hongwei Zhang Predictable Wireless Networking for Microgrids with Electrical Vehicles Wayne State University
Ian Dobson Actionable information from electric transmission grids to ensure their reliability and resilience Iowa State University
Javad Lavaei Interplay Between Computation, Control, and Communications Columbia University
Jin Wang Multi Time-scale Real-time Simulations and Hardware-in-the-loop Methods for the Research of Energy and Power Structures for Miss The Ohio State University
Jin Wen Human-Centered Sustainable and Resilient Buildings Enabled by Innovative Cyber-Physical-Systems Drexel University
Jinyuan Stella Sun Impact of Social Behavior on Energy Theft Detection and Smart Meter User Privacy University of Tennessee
John Orr Next Generation Smart Grid: Enabling Optimization, Security, and Trust in Intelligent Energy Distribution and Generation WPI
Joseph Januszewski Multidimensional Security in Energy Cyber-Physical Systems WDT
Joydeep Mitra Research Directions for Smart Distribution Systems Michigan State University
Katia Sycara Multiagent Architectures and Algorithms for Coordination of Energy Prosumers Carnegie Mellon University
Le Xie Embedding and Extracting Ubiquitous Flexibility in Microgrids from Distributed Cyber-Physical Resources Texas A&M University
Lei Wang Self-sustained Energy Solutions for Embedded Information Processing in Cyber-Aquatic Systems University of Connecticut
Lijun Chen Architecting an Internetwork of Autonomous Microgrids: From Internet Architecture to a Clean-Slate Power Network Architecture University of Colorado at Boulder
Manimaran Govindarasu Cyber Physical Security of Bulk Power System: From Fault-Resilient Grid to Attack Resilient Grid Iowa State University
Manimaran Govindarasu Cyber Physical Security Testbed for the Smart Grid: Fidelity, Scalability, Remote Access, Federation Iowa State University
Mani Venkatasubramanian Computational Challenges in Stability Monitoring of Power Systems Using Large Number of PMUs Washington State University, Pullman, WA
Marilyn Wolf Distributed System Architectures for Energy Cyber-Physical Systems Georgia Tech
Mario Berges Self-Managing Cyber Physical Systems: The Case For Energy-Efficient Buildings Carnegie Mellon University
Mark Yao Cyber-Phisical Overlay Networks of Transactive Energy Management & Control IBM Research
Michael Baldea A Cyber-Physical Perspective on Energy-Smart Residential Neighborhoods University of Texas at Austin
Michael Caramanis Efficient Renewable Generation through Load-Side Dynamic Reserve Provision Boston University, College of Engineering
Michael Devetsikiotis Towards a Cyber Physical Model for Smarter Critical Infrastructure North Carolina State University
Mladen Kezunovic New Paradigm in Energy Cyber-Physical Systems: Automated Disturbance Detection, Analysis and, Mitigation Texas A&M University
Mohammad Al Faruque EDA for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Design University of California Irvine
N. Eva Wu Achieving Resilience in Electric Energy Systems via Redundancy Management Binghamton University
Natasha Balac Sustainable Smart(er) City UCSD
Ning Lu Next Generation Alarm Systems for Large-Scale, Complex Cyber-Physical Systems North Carolina State University
Osama Mohammed Co-Design of Security Aware Power System Distribution Networks as Resilient Cyber Physical Systems Florida International University
Parv Venkitasubramaniam Information Leakage in Energy Cyber Physical Systems: A Stochastic Control Perspecive Lehigh University
Paulo Tabuada An Integrated Approach to Energy Management and Security UCLA
Peter Sauer Multidisciplinary education for energy cyber-physical systems University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Peter Young Occupant-Aware Control Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings Colorado State University
Philip Brisk The Case for a Low-Cost Open Smart Grid Testbed for Energy Cyber Physical Systems Research and Education University of California, Riverside
Rahul Mangharam Green Scheduling: Scheduling of Energy Control Systems for Peak Power Reduction University of Pennsylvania
Rajesh Gupta Modeling and Managing Uncertainty Challenges In CPS Energy Systems UC San Diego
Rajesh Kavasseri SCyPES: Socio-Cyber-Physical-Energy Systems North Dakota State University
Rajit Gadh Control of Networked Electric Vehicles (NEVs) to Enable a Smart Grid with Renewable Resources UCLA
Ratnesh Sharma Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery in Microgrid Systems NEC Laboratories America
Riccardo Bettati Software-Defined Cyber-Physical Systems to Support Mobile-Defense Security of Critical Utilities Texas A&M University
Roshan Thomas A Framework for the Analysis of Cyber Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems MITRE
Sairaj Dhople Cyber-Enabled Stochastic Management of Microgrids University of Minnesota
Saman Zonouz Cyber-Physical Educational Simulator for Cyber-Physical Infrastructure Security University of Miami
Shane Clark Security-Aware and Resilient Architectures for Energy Cyber-Physical Systems BBN Technologies
Shuo Han Interactions between Electrified Shared Mobility and the Power Grid University of Pennsylvania
Sid Suryanarayanan Cyber-Physical Systems for Resource Allocation in the Emerging Smart Electric Distribution Grid Colorado State University
Steve Chiu On Multidisciplinary R&D and Education for the Smart Grid Idaho State University
Sudip Mazumder Control of Energy and Information in Stationary and Mobile Power Networks University of Illinois
Sue Ellen Haupt National Center for Atmospheric Research Position Statement to National Science Foundation 2013 National Workshop on Energy Cyber-Physical Systems National Center for Atmospheric Research
Tariq Samad Advanced Microgrids--the State-of-the-Practice and Research Needs Honeywell
Terry Benzel DEFT Consortium University of Southern California
Vijay Vittal Big Data Processing and Stochastic Optimization for Grid Monitoring, Control, and Wind Integration Arizona State University
Wei Zhang Hierarchical Control of Large Population of Heterogeneous Dynamic Smart Grid Assets The Ohio State University
Wei Yu Towards Secured and Efficient Energy-Based Cyber-Physical Systems Towson University
William Sanders Challenges and Approaches for a Cyber-Physical Energy Infrastructure University of Illinois
Xenofon Koutsoukos Resilient Coordination and Control in Smart Grid Networks Vanderbilt University
Yaser Fallah Why an Application Agnostic Internet Model May Not Work for Communication in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems West Virginia University
Yi Deng Modeling and Simulation of PMU based Wide Area Measurement Systems using a Global Event Scheduling Technique Virginia Tech
Yufeng Xin A Multi-Resolution Virtual Synchrophasor Data Communication Framework RENCI, UNC, Chapel Hill
Zhihua Qu Secure and Plug-n-Play Energy Cyber-Physical Systems University of Central Florida
Zico Kolter Position statement: Data analytics for energy systems Carnegie Mellon University