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BEST Robotics is a national non-profit organization providing middle and high school students with a FREE STEM Education program and competition for career and workforce development. BEST is an acronym for Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology. The mission is to engage, excite, and inspire students to pursue degrees and careers in engineering, science, and technology. 

Through this competition students experienced first-hand what businesses do to develop a new product and bring it to market.  They come together as a team with creative ideas and followed the Engineering design process to deliver a final product.  They write an Engineering project notebook to document their work, give a marketing presentation to sell their product to a potential client, create a team exhibit and give interviews to promote their team in the marketplace.  The final product is tested in a competitive game where their robots face off against each other in a spirited environment on game day.

Each fall, hubs across the country hold a 6-week robotics competition. There are more than 850 schools across 17 states, 4500+ volunteers, with 44 hubs, and 5 regionals.  

Music City BEST Hub holds events at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.  We welcome teams from across the state of TN and surrounding areas.  Any school may start a team, and there is no cost to participate.  Some of our teams accept students from schools that are not currently competing, we will do our best to help interested students to find a team.

Each hub relies on local financial support from businesses and universities. Please reach out to us if you are interested in becoming involved in this program.  

We are a volunteer run organization with many levels of volunteer opportunities, from competition week judging to team mentoring.  Please explore our volunteer opportunities.

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