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2021 CPS mid-term challenge: Rocky Times

Visible to the public 

Rocky Times Challenge 

 (mapping a precariously balanced rock at a fault scarp)

March 2021


Video examples from 2020 CPS Challenge (similar theme, without the precariously balanced rock) 

NITK (Srikar Siddharth)

ASU (Darwin Mick, Swastik Nandan)


Instructions for running your simulation environment 

1) Use the Design tab on the left to launch a simulation container. 

2) Once the container has launched, open a terminal.

3) Launch phase-1 rocky scarp world:
roslaunch cps_challenge_2020 phase-1.launch 

4) Start QGC using the desktop shortcut. 

5) Try some PX4 offboard control example scripts written in ROS with MAVROS package: 
a) A box of 8m width, at height of 2m
python /root/catkin_ws/src/cps_challenge_2020/scripts/ 

b) Make the drone visit the precariously balanced rock, 
and come back to home (without landing), and loop the pattern
Fun fact: one of the repeated visits might topple the rock! 

6) Now you can also play around with RTABmap (preinstalled)
roslaunch rtabmap_ros rtabmap.launch

7) Suspend the container when done, and resume when you want to continue. 


Fun screencast of position control mission for toppling a rock (no mapping)

If you have any questions, please contact Jnaneshwar Das <>