Rocky Times Challenge 

 (mapping a precariously balanced rock at a fault scarp)

March-April 2022



Instructions for running your simulation environment 

1) Use the Design tab on the left to launch a simulation container, use 'OpenUAV2'. 

2) Once the container has launched, open a terminal.

3) Launch phase-1 rocky scarp world: 
roslaunch cps_challenge_2020 phase-1.launch 

4) Start QGC using the desktop shortcut. 

5) Try some PX4 offboard control example scripts written in ROS with MAVROS package:  
a) A box of 8m width, at height of 2m 
python /root/catkin_ws/src/cps_challenge_2020/scripts/ 

b) Make the drone visit the precariously balanced rock,  
and come back to home (without landing), and loop the pattern 
Fun fact: one of the repeated visits might topple the rock!  

6) Now you can also play around with RTABmap (preinstalled) 
roslaunch rtabmap_ros rtabmap.launch

7) Suspend the container when done, and resume when you want to continue. 


Fun screencast of position control mission for toppling a rock (no mapping)

If you have any questions, please contact Jnaneshwar Das <>