Tool Chain

UnCoVerCPS develops a tool chain to support the development of safe cyber-physical systems in dynamic and partially unknown environments (see illustration below)

  • modelling tools: SCADE and Simplorer (developed at Esterel Technologies)
  • verification tools: SpaceEx (developed at Verimag), which verifies hybrid systems with linear continuous dynamics and CORA (developed at Technical University of Munich) also verifies hybrid dynamics, but is less mature than SpaceEx, while handling nonlinear dynamics.
  • controller synthesis tools: DMPC-HS (newly developed at University of Kassel) is a tool for model predictive control of non-stochastic systems, while ScenarioMPC (newly developed at Politecnico di Milano) is a tool for model predictive control of stochastic systems.
  • automatic code generation: SCADE (developed at Esterel Technologies) has the capability to generate code with a certified code generator, thus guaranteeing that the code is a correct implementation of the model.
  • conformance testing: ConfTest is newly developed at Bosch.
  • specification formalisation: formalSpec has been newly developed at General Electric Global Research Europe.