Assurance Case Research Group

Assurance Cases

As cyber-physical systems become increasingly complex, regulators and third parties are looking for a means of assessing various properties of these systems, such as safety and security, under increasing time constraints. One possible method of accomplishing this goal considers the use of a concept called Assurance Cases. Assurance cases are really nothing more than structured arguments that rely on evidence to justify a claim. They are based on practices steeped in centuries of philosophical discussion and most commonly demonstrated in the practice of law. The mission of this group is to:

  • explore past and present work on developing assurance cases
  • develop new ideas and leverage technology to argue properties of cyber-physical systems
  • establish a body of knowledge on assurance case content, structure, and presentation



  • Past and present work on developing assurance cases
  • Assurance case abstraction
  • Assurance case content
  • Assurance case structure
  • Assurance case presentation
  • Component assurance case
  • System assurance case
  •       Medical device System of systems assurance case
  •       Interoperable medical device assurance case
  •       Body Sensor Network device assurance case
  • Assurance case evolution
  • Safety assurance case
  • Security assurance case
  • Dependability assurance case
  • Legacy assurance case
  • COTS assurance case
  • Assurance case patterns
  • Claims
  • Arguments
  • Evidence
  • Confidence