Nam is a junior at Vanderbilt University majoring in Computer Science. He is very passionate about data visualization and the endless possibilities it contains for several professional fields, mainly about how it can be applied to machine learning. He is also interested in pattern recognition as a study. In terms of experience, Nam was a part of the VUSE Summer research last summer, working under the supervision of Dr. Keivan Stassun and Dan Burger on the Filtergraph website. Filtergraph is a website that creates interactive graphs based on user data, and his main contribution came in the form of adding a color palette for color-blind users and creating an easy download system for a user to store an instance of their graph. Nam also was involved in a research project with Dr. Matthew Berger the semester before last, working with the high-level grammar Vega-Lite to convert user graphs from Python to a more structured format for machine-learning purposes.

Nam is working on the "Data Science for Micro-Mobility" under the supervision of Dr. Dan Work.

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