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2020 NRI Meeting Demonstrations

# Principal Investigator Co-Presenter Name(s) Affiliation Project Title Project Award Number
1 Matei Ciocarlie Pedro Pianceza Columbia University Scalable Multimodal Tactile Sensing for Robotic Manipulators in Manufacturing 1734557
2 Irina Dolinskaya Elliott Hawkes University of California, Santa Barbara Mesh Of Robots on a Pneumatic Highway (MORPH): An Untethered, Human-Safe, Shape-Morphing Robotic Platform 1925373
3 Yigit Menguc Gina Olson Oregon State University Bioinspired Design and Shared Autonomy for Underwater Robots with Soft Limbs 1734627
4 Elliott Rouse   University of Michigan An Open-Source Robotic Leg Platform that Lowers the Barrier for Advanced Prosthetics Research 1734586, 1949346, 1734559