2020 NRI PI Meeting Long Talk Presentations

2020 NRI PI Meeting Long Talks

Session 1: Thursday, February 27, 10:15am-11:10am
#Lead PIAward TitleAward #
1Marcia O'MalleyGuiding with touch: Haptic cueing of surgical techniques on virtual and robotic platforms1638073
2Yu ZhangReconciling Model Discrepancies in Human-Robot Teams1844524
3Guy HoffmanCollaborative Control for Wearable Robots1734399
4Ken GoldbergSCHooL: Scalable Collaborative Human-Robot Learning1734633
5James SchmiedelerUsing Template Models to Identify Exoskeleton User Intent1734532
Session 2: Thursday, February 27, 1:15pm - 2:35pm
#Lead PIAward TitleAward #
1Jesse HoaggAutonomous Unmanned Aerial Robots for Livestock Health Monitoring1734517
2Daniel FlippoMulti-Robot Farming on Marginal, Highly Sloped Lands1734510
3Yang TaoMachine Vision Robotic Systems for Automated Disassembling Crab Complex Compartments and Extracting Meats extent able to large scale food and post-harvest processing.1734546
4Daniel KoditschekCo-Robotic Systems for GeoSciences Field Research1734355
5Siddharth SrivastavaHierarchical Contrastive Explanations for Robot-Human Communication1844325
6Jun ZouMEMS Co-Steered Optical and Acoustic Dual Modal Communication and Ranging Devices for Underwater Vehicles1748161
7Vaibhav SrivastavaA Framework for Human-Team-Supervised Autonomy with Application to Underwater Search and Rescue1734272
8Roberto TronRobust, scalable, distributed semantic mapping for search-and-rescue and manufacturing co-robots1734454
9Christopher AmatoCoordinating Human-Robot Teams in Uncertain Environments1734497
10Satyandra GuptaA Proactive Approach to Managing Contingencies during Human Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing1634431
Session 3: Thursday, February 27, 4:05pm - 5:25pm
#Lead PIAward TitleAward #
1John SwensenSmart Material Composites and Design of Internal Structural Geometry for Tunably Compliant Soft Robots1734117
2Robert HoweAchieving Selective Kinematics and Stiffness in Flexible Robotics1637838
3David CappelleriTowards Dexterous Micromanipulation and Assembly1637961
4Matei CiocarlieScalable Multimodal Tactile Sensing for Robotic Manipulators in Manufacturing1734557
5Sarah OstadabbasTeaching Aerial Robots to Perch Like a Bat via AI-guided Design and Control1944964
6Neville HoganTowards Robots with Human Dexterity1637824
7Yiğit MengüçBioinspired Design and Shared Autonomy for Underwater Robots with Soft Limbs1734627
8Kostas BekrisIntegrated Modeling and Learning for Robust Grasping and Dexterous Manipulation with Adaptive Hands1734492
9John WhitneyControllable Compliance: A New Robotic Arm for Contact-Rich Manipulation1830425
Session 4: Friday, February 28, 9:45am - 11:20am
#Lead PIAward TitleAward #
1Jingjin YuMulti-Robot Systems with Provable Availability, Safety, and Optimality Guarantees1734419
2Robin MurphyBest Viewpoints for External Robots or Sensors Assisting Other Robots1945105
3John ZimmermanHuman-Robot Collaboration with Distributed and Embodied Intelligence1734456
4Cynthia MatuszekLearning Language in Simulation for Real Robot Interaction1940931
5Guy HoffmanDesign and Development of a Social Robot for Gathering Ecological Momentary Stress Data from Teens1734100
6Nabil SimaanManufacturing America: In-Situ Collaborative Robotics in Confined Spaces1734461
7Seungmoon SongIndividualized Co-Robotics1734449
8Missy CummingsDrones and the Design of Public Outdoor Spaces1734206
9Zhaozheng YinManufacturing USA: Intelligent Human-Robot Collaboration for Smart Factory1830479
10Masayoshi TomizukaSafe and Efficient Robot Collaboration System (SERoCS) for Next Generation Intelligent Industrial Co-Robots1734109
11SangHyun LeeScene Understanding and Predictive Monitoring for Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured and Dynamic Construction Environments1734266