Long Talks

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2020 NRI PI Meeting Long Talks

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Session 1: Thursday, February 27, 10:15am-11:10am
# Lead PI Award Title Award #
1 Marcia O'Malley Guiding with touch: Haptic cueing of surgical techniques on virtual and robotic platforms 1638073
2 Yu Zhang Reconciling Model Discrepancies in Human-Robot Teams 1844524
3 Guy Hoffman Collaborative Control for Wearable Robots 1734399
4 Ken Goldberg SCHooL: Scalable Collaborative Human-Robot Learning 1734633
5 James Schmiedeler Using Template Models to Identify Exoskeleton User Intent 1734532
Session 2: Thursday, February 27, 1:15pm - 2:35pm
# Lead PI Award Title Award #
1 Jesse Hoagg Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Robots for Livestock Health Monitoring 1734517
2 Daniel Flippo Multi-Robot Farming on Marginal, Highly Sloped Lands 1734510
3 Yang Tao Machine Vision Robotic Systems for Automated Disassembling Crab Complex Compartments and Extracting Meats extent able to large scale food and post-harvest processing. 1734546
4 Daniel Koditschek Co-Robotic Systems for GeoSciences Field Research 1734355
5 Siddharth Srivastava Hierarchical Contrastive Explanations for Robot-Human Communication 1844325
6 Jun Zou MEMS Co-Steered Optical and Acoustic Dual Modal Communication and Ranging Devices for Underwater Vehicles 1748161
7 Vaibhav Srivastava A Framework for Human-Team-Supervised Autonomy with Application to Underwater Search and Rescue 1734272
8 Roberto Tron Robust, scalable, distributed semantic mapping for search-and-rescue and manufacturing co-robots 1734454
9 Christopher Amato Coordinating Human-Robot Teams in Uncertain Environments 1734497
10 Satyandra Gupta A Proactive Approach to Managing Contingencies during Human Robot Collaboration in Manufacturing 1634431
Session 3: Thursday, February 27, 4:05pm - 5:25pm
# Lead PI Award Title Award #
1 John Swensen Smart Material Composites and Design of Internal Structural Geometry for Tunably Compliant Soft Robots 1734117
2 Robert Howe Achieving Selective Kinematics and Stiffness in Flexible Robotics 1637838
3 David Cappelleri Towards Dexterous Micromanipulation and Assembly 1637961
4 Matei Ciocarlie Scalable Multimodal Tactile Sensing for Robotic Manipulators in Manufacturing 1734557
5 Sarah Ostadabbas Teaching Aerial Robots to Perch Like a Bat via AI-guided Design and Control 1944964
6 Neville Hogan Towards Robots with Human Dexterity 1637824
7 Yiğit Mengüç Bioinspired Design and Shared Autonomy for Underwater Robots with Soft Limbs 1734627
8 Kostas Bekris Integrated Modeling and Learning for Robust Grasping and Dexterous Manipulation with Adaptive Hands 1734492
9 John Whitney Controllable Compliance: A New Robotic Arm for Contact-Rich Manipulation 1830425
Session 4: Friday, February 28, 9:45am - 11:20am
# Lead PI Award Title Award #
1 Jingjin Yu Multi-Robot Systems with Provable Availability, Safety, and Optimality Guarantees 1734419
2 Robin Murphy Best Viewpoints for External Robots or Sensors Assisting Other Robots 1945105
3 John Zimmerman Human-Robot Collaboration with Distributed and Embodied Intelligence 1734456
4 Cynthia Matuszek Learning Language in Simulation for Real Robot Interaction 1940931
5 Guy Hoffman Design and Development of a Social Robot for Gathering Ecological Momentary Stress Data from Teens 1734100
6 Nabil Simaan Manufacturing America: In-Situ Collaborative Robotics in Confined Spaces 1734461
7 Seungmoon Song Individualized Co-Robotics 1734449
8 Missy Cummings Drones and the Design of Public Outdoor Spaces 1734206
9 Zhaozheng Yin Manufacturing USA: Intelligent Human-Robot Collaboration for Smart Factory 1830479
10 Masayoshi Tomizuka Safe and Efficient Robot Collaboration System (SERoCS) for Next Generation Intelligent Industrial Co-Robots 1734109
11 SangHyun Lee Scene Understanding and Predictive Monitoring for Safe Human-Robot Collaboration in Unstructured and Dynamic Construction Environments 1734266