2021 NRI PI Meeting Long Talks

All times listed in EST. 

Session 1: Wednesday, March 10, 1:30pm - 3:00pm
#Principal InvestigatorAward TitleAward #
1Junaed SattarNRI: Collaborative Research: Autonomous Quadrotors for 3D Modeling and Inspection of Outdoor Infrastructure1637875
2Joyce Chai, Julie A. Shah NRI: INT: COLLAB: Collaborative Task Planning and Learning through Language Communication in a Human-Robot Team1830244
3Robin MurphyEAGER: Documenting and Analyzing Use of Robots for COVID-192032729
4Ronald ArkinEAGER: CNS: Misdirection in Robot Teams: Exploiting Organizational Principles for Operational Advantage1848653
5Mark CampbellNRI: FND: Probabilistic Hypothesis-Driven Adaptive Human-Robot Teams1830497
Session 2: Thursday, March 11, 1:30pm - 3:00pm
#Principal InvestigatorAward TitleAward #
1Maja Mataric, Matt RuebenNRI: Socially Aware, Expressive, and Personalized Mobile Remote Presence: Co-Robots as Gateways to Access to K-12 In-School Education1528121
2Mo RastgaarNRI: INT: COLLAB: Anthropomorphic robotic ankle prosthesis with programmable materials1830460
3David SchmaleNRI: FND: COLLAB: RAPID: Targeted Sampling of an Unanticipated Harmful Algal Bloom in Lake Anna, Virginia with Aerial and Aquatic Robots2001119
4Ufuk TopcuAssured Autonomy: Path Toward Living With Autonomous Systems We Can Trust 
Session 3: Friday, March 12, 12:45pm - 2:15pm
#Principal InvestigatorAward TitleAward #
1Elliott RouseNRI: FND: COLLAB: An Open-Source Robotic Leg Platform that Lowers the Barrier for Advanced Prosthetics Research1734586
2Marcia O’MalleyNRI: FND: COLLAB: Intuitive, Wearable Haptic Devices for Communication with Ubiquitous Robots1830163
3M. Cenk CavusogluNRI: Collaborative Research: Human-Supervised Manipulation of Deformable Objects1524363
4Robert GreggNRI: FND: COLLAB: Optimal Design of Robust Compliant Actuators for Ubiquitous Co-Robots1830360
5Xiangrong ShenNRI: INT: COLLAB: Accelerating Large-Scale Adoption of Robotic Lower-Limb Prostheses through Personalized Prosthesis Controller Adaptation1734501