#Lead PI NameNSF Project Award Number(s)Name of Poster Session Presenter(s)Poster Title
1William Adams1422078Samir ToutIntegrated Smart Grid Analytics for Anomaly Detection
2Mustaque Ahamad1514035Mustaque AhamadExposing and Mitigating Cross-Channel Attacks
3Irfan Ahmed1500101Irfan AhmedEAGER: Peer Instruction for Cybersecurity Education
4Kemal Akkaya1550313Kemal AkkayaPrivacy-Preserving Data Collection and Access for IEEE 802.11s-Based Smart Grid Applications
5Ehab Al-Shaer1352238Ehab Al-ShaerAdversary-aware Host Address Mutation
6Theodore Allen1409214Theodore AllenData-Driven Cyber Vulnerability Maintenance
7Raul Aranovich1445079Raul AranovichRisk detection in OSS teams with NLP
8Reza Azarderakhsh1661557Reza AzarderakhshPost-quantum Cryptography
9Michael Bachmann1500077Adam ShnidermanEducation Initiative TECH MeD: Transdisciplinary Education for Critical Hacks of Medical Devices
10Saurabh Bagchi1548114 Modeling Deception In Information Security As A Hypergame - A Primer
11Emery Berger1525888, 1525992Tim WoodEVADE: EVidence-Assisted Detection and Elimination of Vulnerabilities
12Swarup Bhunia1441667, 1603483Prabhat MishraIPTrust: A Comprehensive Framework for IP Integrity Validation
13Matthieu Bloch1527387Matthieu BlochTowards Stealth Networks
14Alexandra Boldyreva1421815Cristina Nita-RotaruA Unifying Framework For Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Secure Communication Protocols
15Travis Breaux1330596Travis BreauxPrivacy Policy Ambiguity and Privacy Risk
16Jean Camp1565375, 1565252Jean CampGive people controls they can understand and trust, for the privacy and security they want
17Ran Canetti1414119, 1413920, 1413964, 1413996Ran Canetti and Mayank VariaModular Approach to Cloud Security
18Justin Cappos1223588Justin CapposLock-in-Pop Design: Only Access Popular Paths in the Kernel
19Cornelia Caragea1421970Cornelia CarageaImage Privacy Prediction Using Deep Features
20Bogdan Carbunar1527153, 1526254Bogdan CarbunarTWC: Small: Collaborative: Cracking Down Online Deception Ecosystems
21Alvaro Cardenas1553683 Limiting the Impact of Stealthy Attacks in Industrial Control Systems
22Shantanu Chakrabartty1525476, 1524520Jian RenZero-power Dynamic Signature for Trust Verification of Passive Sensors and Tags
23Rui Chen1554373, 15544801Rui ChenResponse to OPM Data Breach
24Hsinchun Chen1314631Sagar SamtaniIdentifying SCADA Devices and their Vulnerabilities on the IoT
25Hsinchun Chen1314631Sagar SamtaniHacker Community Collection and Analytics
26Tim Cheng1526695Cetin KocDetection of Hardware Trojans Hidden in Unspecified Design Functionality
27David Choffnes1618955David ChoffnesEnabling Practical Traffic Analysis Resistance
28David Cok1314674David CokLibrary annotations and tools for checking software
29Harry Crane1523785Harry CraneEdge exchangeability: a new framework for network modeling
30Anton Dahbura1544493Anton DahburaModeling Security/Incentive Behaviors
31Alberto Dainotti1423659Alberto DainottiHIJACKS: Detecting and Characterizing Internet Traffic Interception based on BGP Hijacking
32Alberto Dainotti1228994Alberto DainottiInternet Outage Detection and Analysis
33Anupam Datta1423168Frank PfenningAccountability via Deviance and Causal Determination
34Srini Devadas1523572Srini DevadasTrapdoor Computational Fuzzy Extractors
35Srini Devadas1411208Srini DevadasTWC: Small: Ascend: Architecture for Secure Computation on Encrypted Data
36Jintai Ding1565748Jintai DingImplementing Practical Provably Secure Authenticated Key Exchange for the Post-Quantum World
37Roger Dingledine1619454, 1619067Matthew WrightTTP: Defending Against Website Fingerprinting in Tor
38Yevgeniy Dodis1619158Yevgeniy DodisDesigning Secure Hash Functions and Block Ciphers
39Adam Doupe1623269Adam DoupeEducating the Security Workforce through On-Demand Live Competitions
40Tudor Dumitras1464163Tudor DumitrasMeasuring Patching at Scale
41Sara Eftekharnejad1600058Brian JohnsonSecuring Smart Power Grids under Data Measurement Cyber Threats
42Thomas Eisenbarth1618837Thomas EisenbarthMIST: Systematic Analysis of Microarchitectural Information Leakage on Mobile Platforms
43Kirsten Eisentraeger1617802Kirsten EisentraegerAlgorithms for number-theoretic problems in cryptography
44Michalis Faloutsos1314632,1314603, 1314935Christos FaloutsosCoreScope
45Fariborz Farahmand1544090Fariborz FarahmandA Mathematical Model of Privacy Decisions: A Behavioral Economic Perspective
46Nick Feamster1540066Nick FeamsterFacilitating Free and Open Access to Information on the Internet
47Yunsi Fei1563697Yunsi FeiTWC: Medium: Automating Countermeasures and Security Evaluation against Software Side-channel Attacks
48Yunsi Fei1314655Yunsi FeiA Unified Statistics-based Framework for Analysis and Evaluation of Side-channel Attacks in Cryptosystems
49Sue Fitzgerald1500055 CFEAR: Cyber Forensics Education via Augmented Reality
50Michael Franz1513837Stijn VolckaertENCORE: ENhanced program protection through COmpiler-REwriter cooperation
51Michael Franz1513837Mathias PayerENCORE: ENhanced program protection through COmpiler-REwriter cooperation
52Rosanne Gamble1619690, 1619641Rose Gamble, Indrakshi RayToward a Test Bed for Heavy Vehicle
53Siddharth Garg1553419Siddharth GargRe-thinking Electronic Design Automation Algorithms for Secure Outsourced Integrated Circuit Fabrication
54Siddharth Garg1527072Siddharth GargNew Attack Vectors and Formal Security Analysis for Integrated Circuit Logic Obfuscation
55Paolo Gasti1619023; 1618300Paolo GastiEnergy-Efficient Privacy-Preserving Active Authentication of Smartphone Users
56Ryan Gerdes1410000Ryan GerdesSecure and Resilient Vehicular Platooning
57Gabriel Ghinita1523101Gabriel GhinitaCapacity Building in Security, Privacy and Trust for Geospatial Applications
58Grandon Gill1418711Grandon GillCybersecurity Discussion Cases
59Michael Goodrich1228639, 1228598, 1228485Michael GoodrichPrivacy-Preserving Distributed Storage and Computation
60Venu Govindaraju1314803Shambhu UpadhyayaLong-term Active User Authentication Using Multi-modal Profiles
61Yong Guan1527579George AmariucaiTime-Advantage-Based Key Establishment
62Mina Guirguis1149397Mina GuirguisSecuring Mobile CPS against Stealthy Attacks
63Andreas Haeberlen1065130Andreas HaeberlenSecure Network Provenance
64John Hale1524940John HaleScalable Hybrid Attack Graph Modeling and Analysis
65Kevin Hamlen1513704Mathias PayerENCORE: ENhanced program protection through COmpiler-REwriter cooperation
66Michael Hay1409125, 1409143, 1408982Michael HayPythia: Algorithm Selection for Differential Privacy
67Wu He1318470Wu He and Mohd AnwarImproving Security Behavior of Employees in Cyberspace through Evidence-based
68Xiali Hei1566166Xiali HeiCPS security for insulin pumps
69Jeffrey Hoffstein1561709Berk SunarDevelopment and Evaluation of Next Generation Homomorphic Encryption Schemes
70Yuan Hong1618221Yuan HongPrivacy Preserving Cooperation among Microgrids for Efficient Load Management
71Jason Hong1347186Jason HongSocial Cybersecurity
72Jason Hong1228813Jason Grading the Privacy of Smartphone Apps
73Mark Horowitz1563113Ardavan PedramPRISM: Platform for Rapid Investigation of efficient Scientific-computing & Machine-learning
74Amir Houmansadr1553301Amir HoumansadrCacheBrowser: Bypassing Chinese Censorship without Proxies Using Cached Content
75Fei Hu1315328Fei HuCyber-physical System and Big Data Security: Training National Warriors
76Hongxin Hu1537924Hongxin HuDefending Against Visual Cyberbullying Attacks in Emerging Mobile Social Networks
77Dijiang Huang1528099, 1523994, 1526299Dijiang HuangSRN: Secure and Resilient Networking
78Florence Hudson1650445Florence HudsonEAGER Cybersecurity TTP Acceleration
79Warren Hunt1525472Warren HuntFormal Analysis of x86 Machine-Code Programs
80Trent Jaeger1408880Trent JaegerRetrofitting Software for Defense-in-Depth
81Matthew Jensen1421580Matthew JensenBuilding the Human Firewall
82Limin Jia1320470Limin JiaProvably Enforcing Practical Multi-Layer Policies in Today's Extensible Software Platforms
83Zhanpeng Jin1422417, 1423061Zhanpeng JinBrainprint: A Psychophysiological Biometric
84Yier Jin1319105, 1318860Yier JinToward Trusted 3rd-Party Microprocessor Cores: A Proof Carrying Code Approach
85Zhanpeng Jin1564046, 1564104Zhanpeng JinExploring Vulnerabilities of Brain Biometrics
86David Kaeli1618379Yunsi FeiSTARSS: Small: Side-Channel Analysis and Resiliency Targeting Accelerators
87Faisal Kaleem1500055Jigang Liu and Sue FitzgeraldCFEAR: Cyber Forensics Education via Augmented Reality
88Apu Kapadia1408730, 1407788Apu KapadiaA Socio-Technical Approach to Privacy in a Camera-Rich World
89Eric Keller1406192, 1406225, 1406177John SonchackSwitch-level Network Security With The OpenFlow Extension Framework (OFX)
90Mohammad Maifi Khan1343766Mohammad Maifi KhanThe Role of Emotion in Risk Communication and Warning: Application to Risks of Failures to Update Software
91Taesoo Kim1563848Taesoo KimSecure Design of SGX Enclaves
92Jonathan Kimball1505610, 1505633Jonathan Kimball and Mo-Yuen ChowSecure Algorithms for Cyber-Physical Systems
93Matthias Kirchner1464275 Camera-based Mobile Device Authentication
94Joerg Kliewer1526547Joerg KliewerCommunication under Adversarial Attacks in Complex Networks
95Alfred Kobsa142362Yao LiCross-Cultural Privacy Prediction
96Alfred Kobsa1544373Bruce BergThe Effect of Sensory Stimuli on the Performance of Security-Critical Tasks
97Oleg Komogortsev1250718Oleg KomogortsevCAREER: Secure and Trustworthy Ocular Biometrics
98Chakraborty Koushik1421068Sanghamitra RoyMitigating the Threat of a Malicious Network-on-Chip
99Stephane Lafortune1421122Stephane LafortuneIntrusion Detection and Resilience Against Attacks in Cyber and Cyber-Physical Control Systems
100Cedric Langbort1619339 Strategic information transmission in cyber-socio-physical systems - from threat to boon
101Robert LaRose1318885Nora RifonOnline Safety for the Ages
102Lucas Layman1619084Lucas LaymanPocket Security: Smart Phone Cybercrime in the Wild
103Gwendolyn Lee1537528Gwendolyn LeeUnderstanding the Strategic Values of Privacy Practices in Organizations
104Insup Lee1505799Oleg SokolskySecurity and Privacy-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems
105Kyumin Lee1553035Kyumin LeeTracking, Revealing and Detecting Crowdsourced Manipulation
106Wenke Lee1409635Wenke LeeEPICA
107David Levin1564143David ChoffnesKey Sharing in the HTTPS Ecosystem
108Jun Li1564348, 1564250, 1564039Xintao WuOSN Fraud and Attack Research and Identification
109Ninghui Li1640374Ninghui LiBridging The Gap between Theory and Practice in Data Privacy
110Zhenhui Li1544455Zhenhui LiToward Transparency in Public Policy via Privacy Enhanced Social Flow Analysis with Applications to Ecological Networks and Crim
111Zhiqiang Lin1623276Irfan AhmedUsing Virtual Machine Introspection for Deep Cybersecurity Education
112Dan Lin1651455, 1651166Jianping FaniPrivacy: Automatic Recommendation of Personalized Privacy Settings for Image Sharing
113Heather Lipford1318854Heather LipfordDiscovering Software Vulnerabilities through Interactive Static Analysis
114Heather Lipford1500052Heather LipfordA Body of Knowledge for Usable Security and Privacy Education
115Yao Liu1553304Yao LiuA Pathway towards Channel Camouflage and Manipulation Techniques for Wireless Security
116Vinod Lohani1623047Godmar BackDevelopment and Analysis of a Spiral Theory-based Cybersecurity Curriculum
117Long Lu1421824Long LuSTRUCT: Secure and Trustworthy Compartments in Mobile Applications
118Anna Lysyanskaya1422361Anna LysyanskayaEmpowering Anonymity
119Kenneth Mai1441736Ken MaiCombatting Integrated Circuit Counterfeiting Using Secure Chip Odometers
120Yiorgos Makris1514050Yiorgos MakrisHardware Trojans in Wireless Networks: Risks & Remedies
121Hafiz Malik1440929Hafiz MalikModel Driven Framework for Audio Forensics
122Zhuoqing Mao1318306, 1526455Qi Alfred ChenMitM Attack by Name Collision: Cause Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment in the New gTLD Era
123Zhuoqing Mao1318306, 1526455Yuru ShaoThe Misuse of Android Unix Domain Sockets and Security Implications
124Stephen McCamant1526319Stephen McCamantQuantitative Information Flow Measurement
125Hoda Mehrpouyan1657774Hoda MehrpouyanPrivacy Management in Ubiquitous Environments
126Stephen Miller1526333Stephen MillerLattices, Modularity, and Crypto
127Jelena Mirkovic1319215Jelena MirkovicFRADE: Flash cRowd Attack DEfense
128Jelena Mirkovic1224035Jelena MirkovicRevitalizing Cyber-Security Education Through Competitions
129Alan Mislove1421444Alan MisloveTowards Robust Crowd Computations
130Alan Mislove1563320Alan MisloveMeasuring and Improving the Management of Today's PKI
131John Mitchell1500089Herb LinCybersecurity Education for Policy Makers
132Prateek Mittal 1423139Prateek Mittal Anonymity Against AS-level Adversaries
133Sibin Mohan1423334Sibin MohanBehavior-Based Zero-Day Intrusion Detection for Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems
134Arjun Mukherjee1527364Arjun MukherjeeStatistical Models for Opinion Spam Detection Leveraging Linguistic and Behavioral Cues
135Venkitasubramaniam Muthuramakrishnan1526377Muthuramakrishnan VenkitasubramaniamUnderstanding the Complexity of Concurrent Security
136Brad Myers1423054Brad MyersTWC: Small: Empirical Evaluation of the Usability and Security Implications of Application Programming Interface Design
137Hung Ngo1409551, 1409303Varun ChandolaData is Social: Exploiting Data Relationships to Detect Insider Attacks
138Xuanlong Nguyen1409303Xuanlong NguyenData is Social: Exploiting Data Relationships to Detect Insider Attacks
139Kobbi Nissim1565387, 1565365Kobbi NissimComputing over Distributed Sensitive Data
140Cristina Nita-Rotaru1654137Cristina Nita-RotaruImproving Protocol Vulnerability Discovery via Semantic Interpretation of Textual Specifications
141Adam O'Neill1650419Adam O'NeillEAGER: Guaranteed-Secure and Searchable Genomic Data Repositories
142Sewoong Oh1527754Sewoong OhFundamental limits of differential privacy
143Daniela Oliveira1464794Daniela OliveriaAge-Related Vulnerabilities to Social-Engineering Attacks
144Xinming Ou1314925Sathya Chandran SundaramurthyBringing Anthropology into Cybersecurity
145Charalampos Papamanthou1514261, 1526950Charalampos PapamanthouIntegriDB: Verifiable SQL for Outsourced Databases
146Abhishek Parakh1623380Abhishek ParakhEDU: QuaSim: A Virtual Interactive Quantum Cryptography Educator-A Project-based Gamified Educational Paradigm
147Sameer Patil1548779Sameer PatilPrivacy Compliance by Design
148Sameer Patil???
149Vern Paxson1518918, 1237265Vern PaxsonTowards a Science of Censorship Resistance
150Mathias Payer1464155Mathias PayerData Confidentiality and Integrity
151Roberto Perdisci1149051Roberto PerdisciReconstructing and investigating in-the-wild web-based malware downloads
152Vir Phoha1527795Vir PhohaSpoof-resistant Authentication Through Phone and Wearables
153Jules Polonetsky1654085Jules PolonetskyPrivacy Research and Data Responsibility Research Coordination Network (RCN)
154Dmitry Ponomarev1422401Dmitry PonomarevSide Channels through Lower-Level Caches
155Zhiyun Qian1464410Zhiyun QianTCP Side Channels - Real Threats
156Emilee Rader1116544, 1115926Emilee RaderInfluencing Mental Models of Security
157Jeyavijayan Rajendran1618797JV RajendranSecure Split Manufacturing
158Zvonimir Rakamaric1527526Zvonimir RakamaricDEKER: DECOMPOSING OS KERNELS
159Baishakhi Ray1618771Baishakhi RayAutomated Detection and Repair of Error Handling Bugs in SSL/TLS Implementations
160Aunshul Rege1453040Aunshul RegeUnderstanding Adaptive Adversarial Behavior and Decision-Making Processes in Cyberattacks
161Michael Reiter1330599Michael ReiterRethinking Security in the Era of Cloud Computing
162Kui Ren1262277Kui RenCAREER: Secure and Privacy-assured Data Service Outsourcing in Cloud Computing
163Golden Richard1358723Irfan AhmedEAGER: Integrating Cognitive and Computer Science to Improve Cyber Security
164Daniela Rus1526815Dan FeldmanEnabling Secure and Private Cloud Computing using Coresets
165Norman Sadeh1330596Norman SadehUsable Privacy Policy Project
166Norman Sadeh1513957Norman SadehTowards Personalized Privacy Assistant: Understanding Privacy Decision Making and Behavioral Impact
167Ravi Sandhu1111925Shouhuai XuSecurity Metrics
168Ravi Sandhu1111925Shouhuai XuCybersecurity Dynamics
169Lalitha Sankar1350914Lalitha SankarPrivacy-Guaranteed Distributed Interactions in Critical Infrastructure Networks
170Fareena Saqib1566530Fareena SaqibHardware based Authentication and Trusted Platform Module functions (HAT) for IoTs
171Fareena Saqib1623299Fareena SaqibHACE Lab: An Online Hardware Security Attack and Countermeasure Evaluation Lab
172Lori Scarlatos1623150Laurin BuchananBranching Interactive Graphic Stories for Cybersecurity Education
173Patrick Schaumont1441710Patrick SchaumontFAME: Fault-attack aware Microprocessor
174Stephanie Schuckers1314792Daqing HouLong-term Active User Authentication Using Multi-modal Profiles
175David Schuster1553018David SchusterUnderstanding Human Cognition in Computer Network Defense
176Kent Seamons1528022Kent SeamonsTrustBase
177Shamik Sengupta1528167Shamik SenguptaEstablishing market based mechanisms for CYBer security information EXchange (CYBEX)
178Amit Sheth1513721Amit ShethContext-Aware Harassment Detection on Social Media
179Yaoyun Shi1526928Carl MillerA Quantum Approach to Hardware Security
180Akbar Siami Namin1347521Akbar Siami NaminSonifying Cyber-Security Cues
181Lisa Singh1223825Lisa SinghAssessing Online Information Exposure Using Web Footprints
182Radu Sion1562376Radu SionCipherLocker: Encrypted Regulatory-Compliant Privacy-Enabled Drag and Drop Cloud Storage
183Radu Sion1526707Radu SionPractical Plausible Deniability for Storage Systems
184Meera Sridhar1566321Meera SridharCRII: SaTC: A Language Based Approach to Hybrid Mobile App Security
185Kevin Steinmetz1616804Kevin Steinmetz and Richard GoeTechnological Con-Artistry
186Scott Stoller1421893Scott StollerAccess Control Policy Mining and Management
187Cynthia Sturton1651276Cynthia SturtonIdentifying Security Critical Properties of a Processor
188Gookwon Suh1513797G. Edward SuhTWC: Medium: Language-Hardware Co-Design for Practical and Verifiable Information Flow Control
189S. Shyam Sundar1450500Dr. S. Shyam Sundar, Jinyoung KimWhy Do We Reveal or Withhold Private Information? Exploring Heuristics and Designing Interface Cues for Secure Computing
190Jakub Szefer1524680, 1526493Jakub SzeferPractical and Scalable Security Verification of Security-Aware Hardware 
191Mark Tehranipoor1561023Domenic ForteDesign of Low-Cost Memory-Based Security Primitives and Techniques for High-Volume Products
192Russell Tessier1318497Russell TessierNew Directions in FPGA Security
193Michael Thomas1623267Michael ThomasA Cybersecurity Collectable Card Game for Urban Youth
194Selcuk Uluagac1453647Selcuk UluagacSecuring Sensory Side-Channels in Cyber-Physical Systems
195Salil Vadhan1237235Salil VadhanPrivacy Tools for Sharing Research Data
196Jaideep Vaidya1422501Jaideep VaidyaPrivacy Preserving Outlier Detection
197Joe Valacich1615696Joe ValacichIdentifying Malicious Insiders through Mouse Cursor Movements
198Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez1564329Narseo Vallina RodriguezLumen: Fine-Grained Visibility and Control of Mobile Traffic in User-Space
199Barbara van Schewick1330141Norman SadehThe Usable Privacy Policy Project
200Guru Prasadh Venkataramani1618786Milos DoroslovackiDefending Against Hardware Covert Timing Channels
201Giovanni Vigna1408632Giovanni VignaTrustDroid
202Roopa Vishwanathan1566297Roopa VishwanathanCRII: SaTC: Automated Proof Construction and Verification for Attribute-based Cryptography
203Tam Vu1619392Tam VuWearable Authentication Solutions for Ubiquitous and Personal
204Michael Walfish1514422Michael WalfishScaling proof-based verifiable computation
205Jingguo Wang1420758Jingguo WangRisk of Data Breaches in Financial Institutions: A Routine Activity Perspective
206Yang Wang1464347Yang WangIndividualized Mental Model and Universal Privacy Dashboard
207Weichao Wang1523096Weichao WangDeveloping Security Education Materials for Future Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Workforce
208Weichao Wang1303356Weichao WangIntegrated Learning Environment for Cyber Security of Smart Grid
209Wendy Hui Wang1350324Wendy Hui WangVerifiable Outsourcing of Data Mining Computations
210Steven Weber1228847Steven WeberTTP: Medium Securing the Wireless Philadelphia Network
211Shuangqing Wei1320351George T AmariucaiSecurity in Dynamic Environments:
212Laurie Williams1318428Laurie WilliamsMotivating and Reaching University Students and Professionals with Software Security Education
213Rebecca Wright1646856, 1646890Rebecca WrightAnomaly Detection in Multilayer Networks
214Xintao Wu1523115, 1523154Xintao WuEnhancing Education in Genetic Privacy
215Dinghao Wu1223710Dinghao WuReassembleable Disassembling
216Dinghao Wu1223710Dinghao WuTranslingual Obfuscation
217Li Xiong1618932Li XiongSpatiotemporal Privacy for Location Based Applications
218Dianxiang Xu1522847Samer Khamaiseh, Dianxiang XuSoftware Artifact Repository
219Dianxiang Xu1359590Samer Khamaiseh, Dianxiang XuAutomated Conformance Testing of Attribute-Based Access Control and Obligation Policies
220Dongyan Xu1409668, 1409534Dongyan XuBinary-Centric Forensic Analysis of Advanced Cyber Attacks Against Enterprise Environments
221Qiben Yan1566388Qiben YanNon-intrusive Detection of Mobile Malware and Botnets
222Shanchieh Yang1526383Shanchieh Jay YangAutomating Attack Strategy Recognition to Enhance Cyber Threat Prediction
223Baijian Yang1500046Baijian YangEnhancing Cybersecurity Education Through a Representational Fluency Model
224Alec Yasinsac1636470Rebecca BaceCybersecurity Technology Transfer to Practice (TTP)
225Yanfang Ye1618629Yanfang YeIntelligent Malware Detection Utilizing Novel File Relation-Based Features and Resilient Techniques for Adversarial Attacks
226Vinod Yegneswaran1514503Vinod YegneswaranMALDIVES: Toward a Comprehensive Understanding of Malware Delivery Mechanisms
227Vinod Yegneswaran1314956Vinod YegneswaranHIMALAYAS
228Lei Ying1618768Lei YingTWC SBE: Small: Towards an Economic Foundation of Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics: Incentive Mechanisms and Fundamental Limits
229Shimeng Yu1615774Shimeng YuDesign of RRAM based Hardware Security Primitives
230Meng Yu1422355, 1422594Meng YuTowards Agile and Privacy-Preserving Cloud Computing
231Alenka Zajic1318934Milos PrvulovicQuantitative Analysis and Reporting of Electromagnetic Covert and Side Channel Vulnerabilities
232Kai Zeng1619073Kai ZengSecure Near Field Communications between Mobile Devices
233Mark Zhandry1616442Mark ZhandryEncryptor Combiners
234Yinqian Zhang1566444Yinqian ZhangRethinking Side Channel Security on Untrusted OS
235Yanchao Zhang1421999, 1700032Rui ZhangTWC: Small: Collaborative: Secure and Usable Mobile Authentication for People with Visual Impairment
236Yanchao Zhang1619251Yanchao ZhangTWC: Small: Secure Mobile Devices through Multiple Lines of Defense
237Yilu Zhou1551004Yilu ZhouCan You Trust Apps Age Recommendations-Inconsistent and Unreliable Maturity Ratings on Mobile Platforms
238Lina Zhou1527684Lina ZhouWhat Online Reviewer Behaviors Really Matter?
239Sencun Zhu1618684Sencun ZhuReputation-Escalation-as-a-Service: Analyses and Defenses