Science of Integration

Our mission is to provide reports, presentations and a science-based predictable tool suite to the Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) community related to our work in developing a new Science of Integration for CPS. This new science re-examines the fundamentals of composition in heterogeneous systems, develops foundations and tools for system integration and validates the results in experiments using automotive and avionics System-of-Systems experimental platforms. Building on the rigorous foundations, our aim is to provide the latest theories and methods for achieving constructivity and predictability in CPS integration.

Our group includes an interdisciplinary group of researchers in:

i) Model-Based Design and Software Engineering from Vanderbilt University (VU) and the University of Maryland (UMD);

ii) Systems Science and Engineering from University of Notre Dame (ND) and UMD;

iii) Control Theory and Engineering (ND, UMD, VU);

iv) Computer Engineering and Networking (VU, UMD); and

v) providing simulation-based and real-life electrical architecture testbeds, challenge problems, evaluation metrics, and development tools from General Motors Global R&D Center.


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Proceedings of the IEEE -- Special Issue on CPS 

The January 2012 Special Issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE focuses on Cyber-Physical Systems. The issue includes 19 research articles covering new research and technology advances, open problems, and technical challenges. The papers are organized into three categories: theoretical foundations, small-scale applications, and large-scale applications. The overarching themes of the contributions are the consequences of the tight coupling of the parallel cyber and physical worlds: challenges in all aspects of design, and opportunities in developing products with revolutionary new capabilities.