Visible to the public SN Puzzle Hints Page 2021Conflict Detection Enabled


We're glad you made it to the NSA's Science of Security webpage via the QR code in the May 2021 edition of Science News magazine.

What you see in the magazine is a puzzle. You can solve the puzzle using paper and pencil. (You do not need to write code!) If you're successful, you will have the words that answer the "hint" below.

If you get stuck, we recommend taking the opportunity to learn about cryptography. In addition to exploring topics such as symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography, you might discover interesting techniques like zero-knowledge proofs. For those interested in history, you might consider visiting the National Cryptologic Museum online!

We hope that you will also visit the Science of Security Virtual Organization's homepage to get updated on cybersecurity topics [Science of Security VO].

The NSA's goal? A safer, cyber-secure world. To achieve this, the SoS Program conducts foundational cybersecurity research through a nationwide network of researchers in academic and industry laboratories. We also hope you will consider studying cybersecurity, joining the SoS network, and applying for agency positions.

Happy Searching.


Unfortunately, this puzzle style prevented us from embedding a solution URL. So, you'll need to come back to this page to input your answer. (All words in lowercase).