Visible to the public Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments (C3E)

Visible to the public 


For 2020, C3E will explore the themes of continuous assurance and economics of security. In preparation for the half-day fall workshop on October 9, we will be holding a series of speaker/theme discussion sessions. The focus of this workshop "run-up" speaker series is to provide for a continuing reflection on (new) approaches to system assurance, leveraging system migration (of security and features/capabilities) to high assurance achieved through realizing economy of scale and continous development/integration.

Discussion Series Schedule

Attendance for the speaker series and the Fall workshop is by invitation only. For more information please contact the organizers:


Conference Sponsor
Brad Martin

Technical Lead
Lonnie Carey

Conference Co-Chairs
Dan Wolf
Conference Organizers
Katie Dey
Mark Loepker

The workshop is sponsored by SCORE.