Visible to the public Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments (C3E)

Visible to the public 


The 2022 Computational Cybersecurity in Compromised Environments (C3E) Symposium will be held October 17-19, 2022. The themes of the 2022 C3E Workshop will center around the role of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in future machine speed operations in critical systems across ubiquitous domains, including an exploration of the human element in understanding and shaping important outcomes; as well as the associated impacts to the emerging resilience posture as seen through the lenses of system risk and mitigation.

Attendance for the Symposium is by invitation only. The event will be held in-person at The University of Kansas. For more information please contact the organizers:



Glenn Lilly (NSA)
Brad Martin (DARPA)

Sandeep Neema (Vanderbilt University)
Ray Richards (Leidos)
Robert Rahmer (IARPA)
Katie Dey (Vanderbilt University)
Mark Loepker (CPVI)
Dan Wolf (CPVI)

The workshop is sponsored by the Special Cyber Operations Research and Engineering (SCORE) Interagency Working Group.