CfP: Resilience Week 2024

December 3-5, 2024  |  Austin, Texas  |

Join us for Resilience Week 2024 in partnership with Defense TechConnect. Discuss how private and public partners can work together to ensure a secure and resilient flow of energy across the nation. More information coming soon.

Large disasters may ripple across cities, regions or even nationally through interconnected critical infrastructure systems. Right now, many of those connections are invisible, making it very difficult to put effective mitigation strategies in place. Critical links are often uncovered too late, causing greater impacts to infrastructure and challenging recovery efforts on the ground.


  • Securing the Digital Energy 
  • Transition Building Risk-Informed Resilience in Interconnected Critical Infrastructure Systems 
  • Energy Equity and Community Resilience 
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Distributed Energy and Grid Systems Integration


  • Control Systems 
  • Cyber Systems 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Communication Systems 
  • Communities & Infrastructure

Submission Deadline: June 30

Papers* will be reviewed with a preference towards: 

  • New interdisciplinary approaches or perspectives 
  • Clear alignment with focus and topical areas 
  • Papers will be submitted to IEEE for publication in Xplore 
  • 2 pages minimum, 10 pages maximum. 

Work-in-progress papers (WIPP) may also be submitted and should describe research that has not yet produced the results but that due to its novelty and potential impact deserves to be shared with the community at an early stage. Authors need to identify the paper as a WIPP in the title of the submitted manuscript.

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