Visible to the public CPS: Small: Virtually Transparent Epidermal Imagery

Project Details
Lead PI:Yu Sun
Co-PI(s):Richard Gitlin
Adam Anderson
Performance Period:09/15/10 - 08/31/15
Institution(s):University of South Florida
Sponsor(s):National Science Foundation
Award Number:1035594
2181 Reads. Placed 85 out of 803 NSF CPS Projects based on total reads on all related artifacts.
Abstract: The objective of this research is to develop a cyber-physical system capable of displaying the in vivo surgical area directly onto patients' skin in real-time high definition. This system will give surgeons an x-ray vision experience, since they see directly through the skin, and remove a spatial bottleneck and additional scarring caused by laparoscopes in minimally invasive surgery. The approach is to develop micro-cameras that: occupy no space required by surgical tools, produce no additional scarring to the patient, and transfer wireless high-definition video images. A virtual view generating system will project the panoramic videos from all cameras to the right spot on the patient?s body with geometry and color distortion compensation. A surgeon-camera-interaction system will be investigated to allow surgeons to control viewpoint with gesture recognition and finger tracking. Novel techniques will be developed for zero-latency high-definition wireless video transfer through the in vivo/ex vivo medium. Image viewpoint alignment and distortion compensation in real time will also be investigated. The results will be a potential paradigm shift in minimally invasive surgery. The proposed work benefits the millions of surgeries capable of being performed through a single incision in the abdomen by providing virtually transparent skin to surgeons who will enjoy all the visual benefits of open-cavity surgery without all the associated risks to the patient. The goals of this research are extremely hands-on and immediately applicable to outreach activities that can excite youth, minority students, and others about the science, medicine a and engineering careers.