Visible to the public Request for Operations R&D Information, Due May 13, 2011

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Please forward this e-mail to anyone (government, industry or academia, national or international) whom you believe would be interested in identifying: (1) any public roads that are instrumented for connected vehicle research as in a living laboratory; or, (2) their laboratory as one that can contribute to the state-of-the-art in transportation operations research and development. FHWA has posted a formal Request For Information (RFI) at Merely type-in DTFH61-11-I-00046 in the Keyword/Solicitation # box to access the RFI, entitled, "Information to Assist in the Establishment of the Transportation Operations Laboratory (TOL) and Identification of Potential Research Partners." A copy is attached. Responses are due by May 13, 2011.

Information gained from responses will assist FHWA in further design and operations of its Transportation Operations Laboratory, including 3 nascent testbeds: (1) Data Resources; (2) Concepts and Analysis; and, (3) Cooperative Vehicle-Highway Systems. It will also identify potential stakeholders who may wish to join in collaborative efforts to conduct research of mutual interest in the primary area of transportation operations. [Please Note: This is not a solicitation for proposals or proposal abstracts] Of special interest is the capability to test cooperative traveler-vehicle-highway systems, especially using multiple vehicles in a communications rich environment that allows for 2-way communications among: the infrastructure (e.g., traffic signals, roadside equipment, etc); travelers (e.g., drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians); and vehicles (e.g., buses, trucks, cars). Attached is a list of data items drawn from the RFI that if provided would be very helpful in compiling a directory.

Please direct any questions to Bob Ferlis,, or to me,

Thanks for your help in this important effort.

Joe Peters Joseph I. Peters, Ph.D. Director, Office of Operations R&D Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center 6300 Georgetown Pike (HRDO-1) McLean, VA 22101