Visible to the public Birds-of-Feather: Medical CPS

Special Interest Group: Medical Devices, Discussion Lead: Oleg Sokolsky (U Penn),

This session brings together CPS researchers who work on topics related to health care. The goal of the session is to seek a common vision for the field and pursue a coordinated agenda of Medical CPS (MCPS) research.

Possible agenda items:

  1. Mapping the space of MCPS
    - What are the distinct subdomains? A preliminary taxonomy has been developed to set up the MCPS group on CPS-VO. It needs to be expanded to find a consensus within the MCPS community. The taxonomy can be found in the MCPS group.
    - Establish (common) challenge problems for subdomains of MCPS
    - Identify available technology/methods and technology gaps
    - Identify and engage key industry stakeholders
  2. Promoting interactions:
    - Shared testbeds, experimental platforms to facilitate evaluation of new devices/algorithms
    - Shared patient models, data sets, etc.
    o physiological traces from clinical scenarios
    o behavioral traces from assisted living contexts
    - Collaboration with the FDA

Watch this space for further updates to the agenda.

Event Details
NSF CPS PI Meeting