Logging and Viewing Revisions

A revision is saved each time content is edited. Add a log message to help identify changes made to the content.

From the "notifications" tab (located in the vertical tabs beneath the editing area), you can enter a log message before you save the content. This log message will be included in the notification that is sent out and also in the revisions report.

View the list of revisions by clicking the gray "revisions" tab at the top of the node.


The list of revisions displays log messages, post date and node author.

Select two revisions with the radio buttons and click the "Show diff" button to reveal differences between the two revisions.

Older content is shown in the left column and newer content is shown in the right column. Click the "list revisions" tab at the top left of the content to go back to the revisions table.

Revert to a past revision by selecting the "Revert" link to the right of the revision entry.

A warning message will appear. Click the "revert" button.
A copy of the revision that you chose to revert will be copied and placed at the top of the list as the current revision.