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Second International Workshop on the Swarm at the Edge of the Cloud (SWEC) will be held at CPSWEEK, April 13, 2015


General Chair: Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, UC Berkeley
Program Co-Chairs: Roozbeh Jafari, UT Dallas, Anthony Rowe, CMU
Logistics Co-Chairs: Miroslav Pajic, U. Pennsylvania, Armin Wasicek, UC Berkeley


Sensor and actuator swarms, which can be wirelessly interconnected and combined with cloud-based services and applications on handheld devices, offer an unprecedented ability to monitor and act on a range of evolving physical quantities. Sensor and actuator-based systems have been proposed and deployed for a broad range of applications, but the potential goes far beyond what has been accomplished so far. When realized in full, these technologies can integrate the cyber world (centered today in the cloud) with our physical/ biological world. This can enable humans, machines and infrastructure that are far more aware and adaptive to their environment. Just as today much of our data resides "in the cloud," tomorrow much of our physical world will have a presence "in the swarm." From the perspective of the information world, this revolution gives the information network eyes, ears, hands, and feet to interact with the physical world. From the perspective of the physical and biological world, this revolution enables coordination, intelligence, and efficient use of resources. This workshop will bring together world-class experts on the enabling technology, potential applications, and risks of swarm technologies.

Topics of Interest

  • Architectures, including APIs, sensors, actuators, computing devices and protocols
  • Assurance, including security, privacy, and verification
  • Control, including adaptation, verification and synthesis
  • Data management, including aggregation, storage, learning, and mining
  • Modeling of swarm systems
  • Ontologies of sensors, actuators, and services
  • Methodologies, including formal methods, contracts, co-simulation, and co-design
  • Energy-optimized services and devices
  • Localization technologies and location-aware services
  • Resource identification, management, allocation, and optimization
  • Temporal dynamics, including safety-critical networked operation
  • User interaction, including novel interfaces, omnipresence
  • Applications to CPS Systems such as health, transportation, energy, smart buildings and smart cities.
  • Relationships among Swarm Systems, Systems of Systems
  • Internet-of-Things
  • Submission Guidelines for Manuscripts

Papers should describe original work and be maximum 6 pages in length using the ACM SIGS style ( A maximum of two extra pages is allowed.

Submission is done via easychair:

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: December 22, 2015
Notifications of acceptance: January 23, 2015
Camera-ready paper version: February 17, 2015
Workshop day: April 13, 2015
Program Committee

Jeff Bilmes, U. Washington
David Blaauw, U. Michigan
Prabal Dutta, U. Michigan
Emily Fox, U. Washington
Alex Halderman, U. Michigan
Doug Jones, UIUC
Carlos Guestrin, U. Washington
Mark Munkacsy, Raytheon
John Kubiatowicz, UC Berkeley
Vijay Kumar, U. Pennsylvania
Vijay Lakamraju, UTC
Edward Lee, UC Berkeley
Rebekah Leslie-Hurd, Intel
Rahul Mangharam, U. Pennsylvania
Richard Murray, Caltech
George Pappas, U. Pennsylvania
Jan Rabaey, UC Berkeley
Tajana Simunic Rosing, UCSD
John Wawrzynek, UC Berkeley

Event Details
Seattle, WA