Visible to the public CPS: TTP Option: Synergy: A Verifiable Framework for Cyber- Physical Attacks and Countermeasures in a Resilient Electric Power GridConflict Detection Enabled

Project Details
Lead PI:Lalitha Sankar
Co-PI(s):Kory Hedman
Oliver Kosut
Performance Period:03/01/15 - 02/29/20
Institution(s):Arizona State University
Sponsor(s):National Science Foundation
Award Number:1449080
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Abstract: The electric power grid, a cyber-physical system (CPS), faces an alarmingly high risk of catastrophic damage from cyber-attacks. However, modeling cyber-attacks, evaluating consequences, and developing appropriate countermeasures require a detailed, realistic, and tractable model of electric power CPS operations. The primary barrier is the lack of access to models for the complex legacy proprietary systems upon which the electric power grid has relied for decades. This project aims to overcome these challenges with the development of an attack-verifying (verifiable) software framework that will capture the electric power system operations in adequate detail. Cyber threats will be verified using this framework through a combination of sound theoretical methods and an open-source commercial simulation engine accessible via a unique transition to practice (TTP) option. This research focuses on four fundamental and related thrusts: (i) identifying classes of cyber-attacks with quantifiable physical consequences and developing detection-based countermeasures; (ii) identifying communication attacks on distributed grid operations and developing information-sharing countermeasures; (iii) developing a verifiable software framework that models the spatio-temporal operations of the electric grid in tandem with thrusts (i) and (ii) to verify attack models, evaluate countermeasures, and develop new resiliency protocols; and (iv) a TTP option, in collaboration with industry-leading experts from IncSys and PowerData, to develop commercial grade open source power simulation software packages to integrate and test the attacks and countermeasures of Thrusts (i) through (iii) as well as develop workforce training curriculum for North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) certification. This research also includes engagement with K-12 students via the Arizona Science Laboratory program.