Visible to the public EAGER: Aerial Communication Infrastructure for Smart Emergency ResponseConflict Detection Enabled

Project Details
Lead PI:Shengli Fu
Co-PI(s):Yan Wan
Performance Period:06/15/15 - 05/31/17
Institution(s):University of North Texas
Sponsor(s):National Science Foundation
Award Number:1522458
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Abstract: This project exploits an early concept of a flexible, low-cost, and drone-carried broadband long-distance communication infrastructure and investigates its capability for immediate smart-city application in emergency response. This effort is to support the Smart Emergency Response System (SERS) cluster to participate in the Global City Teams Challenge. This project will have an immediate impact in firefighting and other smart-city emergency response applications by quickly deploying a broadband communication infrastructure, thus improving the efficiency of first responders and saving lives. This communication infrastructure expands the capability of individual drones and enables broad new multi-drone applications for smart cities and has the potential to create new businesses and job markets. This interdisciplinary project addresses the following technology issues: 1) development of cyber-physical systems (CPS) technology that enables robust long-range drone-to-drone communication infrastructure; 2) practical drone system design and performance evaluation for WiFi provision; and 3) a systematic investigation of its capability to address smart-city emergency response needs, through both analysis and participation in fire-fighting exercises, as a case study. The project team includes an academic institution, technology companies and government planners, each of whom provides complementary expertise and perspectives that are crucial to the success of the project. The project also provides exciting interdisciplinary training opportunities for students and the community to learn CPS technologies and the Global City Teams Challenge efforts.