Visible to the public Dependable, Multi-Robot Cooperative Tasking in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments


This project focuses on fundamental theory studies so to enable a scalable, correct-by-construction formal design of multi-robot systems that can guarantee the accomplishment of high-level team missions through automatic synthesis of local coordination mechanisms and control laws. Cooperative robot team represent an important class of CPSs since robots directly interact with the physical world with nontrivial continuous dynamics and physical constraints, while the networking between robots, embedded codes for robot perception, decision making and real-time control form the cyber part of the system. This research will result in deriving a formal design theory that can be used in applications involving cooperative multi-robot teams embodied in an uncertain and dynamic physical world. Furthermore, results from the research can be extended to the design of more general cyber-physical systems (CPSs) consisting of distributed and coordinated subsystems, such as the national power grid, ground/air traffic networks, and manufacturing systems. These CPSs are critical components of the national civil infrastructure that must operate reliably to ensure public safety. The multidisciplinary approach taken will help broaden participation of underrepresented groups in research and positively impact engineering education.

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Dependable, Multi-Robot Cooperative Tasking in Uncertain and Dynamic Environments
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