Visible to the public RealWiN 2012


Workshop on Real-Time Wireless Networking for Industrial Applications

During the last 20 years the development of wireless networks has been driven mainly by the demand for more bandwidth. This demand has been necessitated by the human desire for information and communication. Hence, wireless networks have been designed to serve mainly Internet best-effort traffic as well as delay-sensitive voice and video applications. Besides this, we have also witnessed research into new network paradigms like Mobile Ad hoc Networks and Wireless Mesh Networks which serve the same types of traffic in general. Recently, the vision of an Internet of Things has become more and more a reality. Wireless sensor networks and Machine-to-Machine networking connect resource-constrained and likely battery-powered devices such as sensors and actuators with each other and with control units. For example, recent years have witnessed the adoption of wireless sensor-actuator networks as a communication infrastructure for industrial applications such as process monitoring and control. Open industrial standards such as WirelessHART and IEEE 802.15.4e have shown promise through commercial products and system deployments in real-world industrial environments. However, industrial applications impose new challenges to wireless network design such as stringent requirements on reliability, real-time performance, latency of the communication, security, and networked control, even more stringent than time-critical best-effort applications like voice over IP. Despite the already high requirements, the desire is growing to use wireless communication in even more demanding industrial applications such as factory automation and motion control. This workshop will provide an open forum for academic and industrial researchers to exchange ideas and experiences in this important area. The focus is on ’soft’ real time requirements as well as on ’hard’ real-time requirements potentially with very low latencies. The workshop cross-cuts the diverse areas associated with CPS Week including real-time systems (RTAS), wireless sensor networks (IPSN), control (HSCC), and the integration of them in cyber-physical systems (ICCPS). We are also soliciting contributions form industrial partners highlighting case studies, measurements, experiences from applications etc.

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Beijing, China