Visible to the public Tutorial: Compositional Real-Time Analysis for Cyber-Physical Systems


Compositional Real-Time Analysis for Cyber-Physical Systems Tutorial at CPS Week 2012

This tutorial is concerned with various aspects of component-based design and compositional analysis of cyber-physical systems, with a focus on timing issues. It will first give an overview of component-based frameworks and their underlying principles. It will then go in-depth into abstraction methods for real-time components and techniques for computing their optimal interfaces, for both systems implemented on uniprocessor and multiprocessor platforms, as well as extensions to multi-mode systems. Besides theoretical aspects, the tutorial will also present an architectural platform support for compositional scheduling based on Xen virtualization and a demonstration of the CARTS toolset with several examples seeing the techniques in action. It will also include two case studies highlighting the utility of the framework, including the ARINC-653 avionics software and a smart-phone application. We will conclude the tutorial with open challenges and research opportunities in this domain.

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Beijing, China