Visible to the public Assuring Dependability of Consumer Devices RFI

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The Object Management Group and Toyota would like to invite you to participate in and contribute to the "Assuring Dependability of Consumer Devices RFI" (Request for Information). "Consumer devices" is a broad category of general end-user products that includes automobiles, consumer electronics, service robots, and smart houses. Unlike industrial devices, consumer devices are massive in numbers, used by the general public, lower in cost, maintained infrequently if ever, and used in an open, dynamic and diverse environment. These devices are often networked together so software issues can spread well beyond the initially affected device. This RFI is the first step toward developing a specification to standardize the process, methodologies, and tools to assure the software dependability of consumer devices.

The Systems Assurance Task Force is requesting information on process models, methodologies, support tools and the interfaces to realize simultaneous development of embedded control software and dependability cases.

This RFI was recently issued at OMG's Santa Clara TC meeting and is now available for review:

A supporting whitepaper is posted at:

**RFI responses are due Before May 20, 2012**

Get Involved! Attend these Upcoming Events: (see links below):

March 19-23, 2012 - OMG Technical Meeting - Hyatt Regency Reston, VA

June 18-22, 2012 - OMG Technical Meeting - Hyatt Regency Cambridge, MA USA