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Smart Cities Week

Smart Cities Week(r) is the first major smart cities event in North America to bring together public and private sector visionaries, including officials from all levels of government and leading companies actively deploying smart technologies in cities around the globe.

This premier event, hosted by the Smart Cities Council, will showcase leading-edge companies and cutting-edge solutions in fresh and exciting ways. Contact us today to learn about Diamond, Gold and Platinum sponsorship opportunities.

Estimates of smart cities market growth vary widely, but the one constant is a universal expectation that substantial acceleration will occur - and soon.

The market for smart cities technology is worth more than $8 billion today. And according to ABI Research, in just five years, the market could be worth nearly five times that much.

Smart Cities Week(r) will focus on holistic, integrated approaches to the challenges cities face in this era of aging infrastructure and swelling populations. Attendees will see and hear firsthand how a truly smart city is a well-oiled machine with all of its separate parts working in unison to improve operational efficiencies and streamline service delivery to citizens. The conference will feature four main tracks that deliver in key areas that matter to cities today:

  • Built Environment and Urban Planning
  • Energy and Utility
  • Transportation and Citizen Services
  • Payments

This year, the conference will focus on the following key themes:

Connectivity. Implementing citywide connectivity for people AND for devices to remain globally competitive.
Climate. Achieving climate and sustainability goals through the use of smart technologies.
Compassion. Incorporating compassionate initiatives in smart city planning from the outset to reduce suffering and help those less fortunate.

These themes will be highlighted throughout many of the sessions taking place at Smart Cities Week. See below for just some of the topics currently in development.

Built Environment: Smart buildings, smart planning, funding energy investments

  • Waste Management: Smart waste management and recycling technologies
  • Energy: Smart street lighting, smart energy consumers, utilities and cities working together
  • Telecommunications: Secure data and communications, updating inefficient technology, coordinating communication across departments
  • Water/Wastewater: Smart technologies for watershed management as well as minimizing waste, leakage and costs
  • Transportation: Smart traffic control, automated and connected cars, inclusive mobility
  • Public Safety: Situational awareness and emergency response, body cameras
  • Health and Human Services: Smart solutions for homelessness, predictive analytics for better delivery of services
  • Payments and Finance: Modernizing payment systems, inclusive finance, transparency

Citizen Engagement and Data are essential to the success of any city endeavor and will be essential components of most conference topics.

If you are interested in getting involved in the program, please contact Mary de la Fe

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