Team Mtg - Sep 21st

Date: Sep 21, 2016 11:00 am – Sep 21, 2016 12:00 pm


  • UCLA’s refinements to the “UAV setup checklist” document at
  • Remaining orders.  Has everyone reviewed the list?  Are we buying NUCs/Pixhawks?  Should we bring some toilet paper? 
  • Vanderbilt has extension cords and power strips.  We need to decide on how many to ship to UA. Status of hotel/flight reservations?  
  • Status of PIC certs?  Status of tail number registrations.  
  • What does Jon need other than the FAA registration numbers? 
  • Status of transportation rentals? 
  • Templates for participant waivers 
  • Need a schedule/agenda for the competition.  Meet Monday morning at what time, and where?  
  • Has UA tested the PX4Gazebo active resource?
  • We need scripts for the simulation competition(s) in order to test on the VO for any anomolies during simulation!
  • How do no-fly zones work?  Are we doing “timed” waypoints? 
  • Simulations  (MoCap -vs- SiTL)
  • Tutorial on tuning Gazebo models to match actual performance.  (SolidWorks on-site?) 


  • Agenda
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