Visible to the public Co-design of Multimodal CPS Architectures and Adaptive Controllers

This project concerns real-time implementations of networked control strategies on distributed embedded systems. Co-design of the implementation platform and control strategies for multiple control applications is addressed. Limited and shared resources among control and non-control applications introduce delays in transmitted messages. Various aspects of these delays are efficiently addressed in this research. Overrun strategies that accommodate variations in the delays have been developed. Advanced adaptive control strategies that switch between event-triggered slots that are computationally inexpensive but with increased delays, and time-triggered slots that are expensive and negligible delays have been developed. Efficient resource utilization based on a co-design of control systems and hybrid communication protocols has been developed. Finally, a control design based on a delay aware architecture and cloud computing has been proposed for damping wide-area oscillations.

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Co-design of Multimodal CPS Architectures and Adaptive Controllers
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