SaTC Frontier Projects I


Abstract: The SaTC Frontier projects are center scale efforts that provide high level visibility to grand challenge research areas in cybersecurity. These projects are collaborative, multi-university research and education activities that will help protect the nation's vast, critical infrastructure and enable a more secure information society. This session will have presentations from the following frontier projects.

  1. Beyond Technical Security: Developing an Empirical Basis for Socio-Economic Perspectives: this project pursues in-depth empirical analyses of a range of online criminal activities by mapping out the evolving attacker ecosystem that preys on online social networks, studying how relationships among these criminals are established, maintained and evolve over time, and measuring the efficacy of today's security interventions.
  2. Enabling trustworthy cybersystems for health and wellness: this project develops usable authentication and privacy tools, trustworthy control of medical devices and effective methods to detect malware, compute trust metrics and audit medical information systems and networks.
  3. Modular Approach to Cloud Security:  this project develops methods for building information systems with meaningful multi-layered security guarantees that are built from smaller and separable functional components, where the security of each component is asserted individually, and where security of the system as a whole can be derived from the security of its components.
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