SaTC Frontier Projects II


Abstract: The SaTC Frontier projects are center scale efforts that provide high-level visibility to grand challenge research areas in cybersecurity. These projects are collaborative, multi-university research and education activities that will help protect the nation's vast, critical infrastructure and enable a more secure informationsociety. This session will have presentations from the following frontier projects.

  1. Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data: this project  refines and develops formal definitions and measures for privacy and data utility, as well as technological, legal and policy tools  to aid the collection, analysis and sharing of sensitive data in cyberspace while protecting individual privacy.
  2. Rethinking security in the era of cloud computing: this project develops novel and improved solutions for unified authentication and authorization and auditing across diverse services; effective monitoring and diagnosis for security management of services, networks, datacenters and users; and pervasive encryption to, from and within the cloud.
  3. Towards effective Web privacy notice and choice: a multi-disciplinary perspective: this project develops scalable technologies to semi-automatically extract key privacy policy features from website privacy policies, and presents  these features to users in an easy-to-digest format that enables them to make more informed privacy decisions as they interact with different websites.
  4. Center for Encrypted Functionalities: this project investigates the use of new encryption methods, known as program obfuscation, to make a computer programs, and not just its output, invisible to an outside observer while preserving the way it works or its functionality.
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