Security of Cyber-Physical Systems


Abstract: Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are yielding novel problems and solutions for security researchers. CPSs connect computerized controllers and human supervisors with physical systems used in the energy, transportation, water, manufacturing, and other sectors. Recent attacks against CPS have prompted unprecedented investigation into new threats and mitigations against CPSs. Modern CPSs are founded on control theory, real-time systems, and obscure, often ad-hoc programming practices. The traditional definitions of security are often in conflict with the goals and operational constraints of CPSs. A security measure that blocks a system operator from executing a critical action could cause as much or more damage than an actual attack! In this session, we will encourage interactive discussions about widely deployed application of CPS, and the emerging research problems in their security. We will start with a few motivating examples of real world attacks against CPS infrastructures, and how the adversary capabilities and objectives, vulnerabilities, attack methods and impact, and challenges in the design of defense solutions differ in each case. We will then open up for discussions from the audience

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