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Embedded Real Time Software and Systems ( ERTS2 2018)

The ERTS2 congress created by the late Jean-Claude Laprie in 2002 is a unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and Systems, a platform for top-level scientists with representatives from universities, research centres, agencies and industries. The previous editions gathered more than 100 talks, 500 participants and 60 exhibitors. ERTS2 is both:

  • a conference with high level scientific and technical presentations,
  • an exhibition forum covering a wide range of innovative products and services, for improving direct relationship between providers and users,
  • a unique community spirit: knowledge sharing, unforgettable moments and networking opportunities

Major domains of interest:

  • Critical Transportation Systems: Intelligent transportation system, Vehicle automation, Autonomous and connected systems (including all type of unmanned vehicle), Cyber physical systems, Innovative specific architectures (including back end and big data architecture), Mobile robotics, Cyber-security for mobile and back-end systems.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Smart devices, Smart grids, Smart buildings, Predictable networking infrastructure, Low power devices, New telecommunication interface, Specific architectures.
  • Digital Manufacturing: Smart factory, Plant digitalization, Interoperability and integration of cyber physical systems, 3D printing, Machine-to-machine communication and architecture, Digital assistance and monitoring, Maintenance prediction.

Major topics of interest:

  • Embedded computing platforms and networked systems: Distributed architectures, Multi-core/ many- core platforms, FPGA, Embedded network, Middleware, Virtualization, Service-oriented platforms, Energy-aware management.
  • Processes, methods and tools: Agile techniques, Adaptive systems and Artificial intelligence, Model- based system engineering, Virtual engineering and simulation, Formal methods, Requirement engineering, Product line engineering, New programming and verification languages.
  • Dependability: Safety, Security, Quality of service, Fault tolerance, Maintainability, Diagnostic generation, Monitoring, Certification.
  • Human System Interaction: User interfaces for command and control systems, Human error evaluation, User-centred design, Automation design and Function allocation.


* Organisers *

  • 3AF, the Society for Aeronautics and Space
  • SEE, the Society for Electricity, Electronics, and Information and Communication Technologies
  • SIA, the French Automotive Engineers Society

General Chair

  • Joseph Sifakis, Turing Award 2007, Verimag Laboratory
  • Alexandre Corjon, Alliance (Renault-Nissan) Global Vice President, Electrics, Electronics and Systems

Programme Committee


  • Joseph Sifakis (EPFL)


  • Jean-Paul Blanquart (Airbus Defence and Space)
  • Marc Boyer (Onera)
  • Philippe Cuenot (Continental Automotive)
  • Herve Delseny (Airbus)
  • Christophe Grand (Onera)
  • Claire Pagetti (Onera)

Programme Committee:

  • Members are industrial and academic experts from more than ten countries. The list is available on the website.

Organising Committee Chairs

  • Francis Guimera (3AF)
  • Christel Seguin (SEE)
  • Louis Claude Vrignaud (SIA)

The list of the Organizing Committee members is available on the website

Event Details
Toulouse, France