Controlling Groups of Mobile Robots with StarL Android Apps

Title: Controlling Groups of Mobile Robots with StarL Android Apps

Duration: Half Day

Abstract: In this demo and tutorial, students will learn how to control groups of mobile robots such as quadcopters using the StarL distributed algorithms middleware, which uses Android devices to coordinate and control drones. Students will see live demos of distributed motion coordination with quadcopters such as the DJI Phantom 4. After a brief tutorial introduction to StarL, as well as a discussion about potential applications of drones for social good, students will work hands-on in teams to develop their own StarL app using AppInventor and/or Java to get the quadcopters to do something interesting and/or fun. Students will create and receive digital photos and/or videos captured from the drones during the demos and their own apps as a souvenir.

Requirements: Laptop computer

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List of people associated with this track who may have contact with the underage students:

Taylor Johnson
Tim Liang,
Ayana Wild,
Nate Hamilton,
Patrick Musau,
Yang, Xiaodong,
Christine Yang,
Anissa Alexander,
Yinghui Yang,
Austin Wilms,
Daniel Hong,
Stirling Carter,