Modeling and Simulation of Physical Processes

Title: Modeling and Simulation of Physical Processes

Instructors: Dr. Gautam Biswas, Ms. Nicole Hutchins, and Mr. Asif Hasan


Abstract: Simulation helps us solve problems digitally on a computer, which saves us a lot of time and money, especially when we design and build complex systems like cars, aircraft, spacecraft, and power plants. Simulations also help us understand the natural and physical world, and how we may interact with the world in an effective and safe manner. To do this, we run experiments with our simulation models. 

Our group has been developing computer based learning environments that help students simultaneously learn Physics and computing concepts by building simulation models using a visual programming language. We also embed the learning tasks in realistic problem solving scenarios. During this session, we are tasked with transporting medicine to a tribe in the Amazon Rainforest from the Brazilian port city of Forteleza. In our simulation environment, we will first look at 1D kinematics and program a robot to safely drive the medicine to its first stop along the Amazon river. All students will have continued access to the environment should you wish to complete the journey!


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