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April 13, 2016
Asymmetric Information and Implementation

In advance of the talk, please consider the question, "What is information?" Come up with your definition.

In this talk, I will cover Hurwicz (1972) theorem, introduce the concepts of Mechanism Design and Implementation, and present Revelation Principle. I will discuss Maskin's implementation theorem, and examples of illustrative games with hidden information. Building on the materials of Hurwicz - Maskin - Myerson 2007 Nobel price lectures, I will highlight the relation with CPS problems. I will cover Myerson (2008) next week (April 20).

To demonstrate the powers of implementation literature, I will relate it with a recent semi-autonomous talk (routing games for parking analysis in Seattle). We will discuss the implications of Hurwicz-Maskin theorems for parking policies.

Papers for Lecture 1:

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Further Materials:
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