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The 15th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing (MobiSPC 2018)

In Conjunction with The 13th International Conference on Future Networks and Communications (FNC 2018)

Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing (MobiSPC) have evolved into an active area of research and development. This is due to the tremendous advances in a broad spectrum of technologies and topics, including wireless networking, mobile and distributed computing, sensor systems, RFID technology, and the ubiquitous mobile phone. MobiSPC-2017 solicits papers that focus on the theory, systems, practices and challenges of providing users with a successful mobile or wireless experience. This includes how mobile computing changes how people pervasively use their computers, computing resources and applications, as well the systems, services and technologies enabling those applications.

MobiSPC-2017 will provide a leading edge, scholarly forum for researchers, engineers, and students alike to share their state-of-the art research and developmental work in the broad areas of pervasive computing and mobile systems.

MobiSPC 2018 is co-organized & co-hosted by the University of University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. MobiSPC 2018 will be held in Gran Canaria, Spain. Gran Canaria originally meaning "Great [Island] of Dogs" is the second most populous island of the Canary Islands, an African archipelago which is part of Spain, with a population of 847,830 (in 2015) that constitutes approximately 40% of the population of the archipelago. Located in the Atlantic Ocean about 150 kilometres (93 mi) off the northwestern coast of Africa and about 1,350 km (840 mi) from Europe. With an area of 1,560 km2 (602 sq. mi) and an altitude of 1,956 m (6,417 ft) at the Pico de las Nieves, Gran Canaria is the third largest island of the archipelago in both area and altitude.


General Chair

  • Boris Magnusson, Lund University, Sweden

Program Chair

  • Stephane Galland, Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard, France
  • Elhadi Shakshuki, Acadia University, Canada

Local Chair

  • Javier Sanchez Medina, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Advisory Committee

  • Nirwan Ansari, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  • Abdelfettah Belghith, University of Manouba, Tunisia
  • Flavien Balbo, Ecole Nationale SupZrieure des Mines de Saint Etienne, France
  • Erol Gelenbe, Imperial College, UK
  • Vincenzo Loia, University of Salerno, Italy
  • No'l de Palma, UniversitZ de Grenoble, France
  • Ralf Steinmetz, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany
  • Mohamed Younis, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

Workshops Chair

  • Haroon Malik, Marshall University, USA

Tracks Chairs

  • Habib M. Ammari, Fordham University, USA
  • Longbiao Chen, Xiamen University, China
  • Mohamed Guerroumi, USTHB University, Algeria
  • Danny Hughes, K. U. Leuven, Belgium
  • Francesco Piccialli, University of Naples, Federico II, Italy
  • Zahoor Khan, HCT, UAE
  • Prashant Kumar, University of Surrey, UK
  • Marc Ksrner, TUB Berlin, Germany
  • Christian Poellabauer, University of Notre Dame, USA
  • Kashif Akhtar Saleem, KSA
  • Michael Sheng, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • David S. L. Wei, Fordham University, USA

International Journals Chair

  • Salvatore Cuomo, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Publicity Chairs

  • Wim Ectors, Hasselt University, Belgium
  • Monika Davidekova, Comenius University, Slovak Republic
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Gran Canaria, Spain