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About CPS Security Summer Camps '18

The Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Summer Camps were a 5-day experience for highly-qualified students interested in the growing field of CPS Security. The camps will be held at the Vanderbilt University Institute for Software Integrated Systems during the weeks of June 4 and June 11.

Participants learned to program Roboscape robots in order to accomplish simple tasks. Roboscape is a collaborative, networked robotics environment that introduces key ideas in complex systems and cyber-physical systems (CPS) science. RoboScape relies on the institute‚Äôs prior innovative work creating NetsBlox (netsblox.org), a networked, visual programming environment specifically targeted at introducing students to distributed computation and computer networking.

Students were recruited from local area high schools. In addition, we invited one teacher from each high school to participate. The camps were be free and did not provide any stipends for the students or the teachers.


The goals of the program are to help students understand CPS Security, increase diversity and interest in CPS, improve teaching methods for delivering content in CPS curricula, and prepare students for related coursework in college. 

The long-term goals of this initiative include establishing (or building) a pipeline that targets highly-qualified students who are interested in CPS-related engineering disciplines.


Offering #1:  June 4-8, 2018
Offering #2:  June 11-15, 2018


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