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Moquin, S. J., Kim, SangYun, Blair, Nicholas, Farnell, Chris, Di, Jia, Mantooth, H. Alan.  2019.  Enhanced Uptime and Firmware Cybersecurity for Grid-Connected Power Electronics. 2019 IEEE CyberPELS (CyberPELS). :1–6.
A distributed energy resource prototype is used to show cybersecurity best practices. These best practices include straightforward security techniques, such as encrypted serial communication. The best practices include more sophisticated security techniques, such as a method to evaluate and respond to firmware integrity at run-time. The prototype uses embedded Linux, a hardware-assisted monitor, one or more digital signal processors, and grid-connected power electronics. Security features to protect communication, firmware, power flow, and hardware are developed. The firmware run-time integrity security is presently evaluated, and shown to maintain power electronics uptime during firmware updating. The firmware run-time security feature can be extended to allow software rejuvenation, multi-mission controls, and greater flexibility and security in controls.
Le, Thao, Di, Jia, Tehranipoor, Mark, Forte, Domenic, Wang, Lei.  2016.  Tracking Data Flow at Gate-Level Through Structural Checking. Proceedings of the 26th Edition on Great Lakes Symposium on VLSI. :185–189.

The rapid growth of Internet-of-things and other electronic devices make a huge impact on how and where data travel. The confidential data (e.g., personal data, financial information) that travel through unreliable channels can be exposed to attackers. In hardware, the confidential data such as secret cipher keys are facing the same issue. This problem is even more serious when the IP is from a 3rd party and contains scan-chains. Thus, data flow tracking is important to analyze possible leakage channels in fighting against such hardware security threats. This paper introduces a method for tracking data flow and detecting potential hardware Trojans in gate-level soft IPs using assets and Structural Checking tool.