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Kabir, T., Adnan, M. A..  2017.  A Dynamic Searchable Encryption Scheme for Secure Cloud Server Operation Reserving Multi-Keyword Ranked Search. 2017 4th International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security (NSysS). :1–9.
Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular day by day due to its maintenance, multitenancy and performance. Data owners are motivated to outsource their data to the cloud servers for resource pooling and productivity where multiple users can work on the same data concurrently. These servers offer great convenience and reduced cost for the computation, storage and management of data. But concerns can persist for loss of control over certain sensitive information. The complexity of security is largely intensified when data is distributed over a greater number of devices and data is shared among unrelated users. So these sensitive data should be encrypted for solving these security issues that many consumers cannot afford to tackle. In this paper, we present a dynamic searchable encryption scheme whose update operation can be completed by cloud server while reserving the ability to support multi-keyword ranked search. We have designed a scheme where dynamic operations on data like insert, update and delete are performed by cloud server without decrypting the data. Thus this scheme not only ensures dynamic operations on data but also provides a secure technique by performing those tasks without decryption. The state-of-the-art methods let the data users retrieve the data, re-encrypt it under the new policy and then send it again to the cloud. But our proposed method saves this high computational overhead by reducing the burden of performing dynamic operation by the data owners. The secure and widely used TF × IDF model is used along with kNN algorithm for construction of the index and generation of the query. We have used a tree-based index structure, so our proposed scheme can achieve a sub-linear search time. We have conducted experiments on Amazon EC2 cloud server with three datasets by updating a file, appending a file and deleting a file from the document collection and compared our result with the state-of-the-art method. Results show th- t our scheme has an average running time of 42ms which is 75% less than the existing method.
Sattar, N. S., Adnan, M. A., Kali, M. B..  2017.  Secured aerial photography using Homomorphic Encryption. 2017 International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security (NSysS). :107–114.

Aerial photography is fast becoming essential in scientific research that requires multi-agent system in several perspective and we proposed a secured system using one of the well-known public key cryptosystem namely NTRU that is somewhat homomorphic in nature. Here we processed images of aerial photography that were captured by multi-agents. The agents encrypt the images and upload those in the cloud server that is untrusted. Cloud computing is a buzzword in modern era and public cloud is being used by people everywhere for its shared, on-demand nature. Cloud Environment faces a lot of security and privacy issues that needs to be solved. This paper focuses on how to use cloud so effectively that there remains no possibility of data or computation breaches from the cloud server itself as it is prone to the attack of treachery in different ways. The cloud server computes on the encrypted data without knowing the contents of the images. After concatenation, encrypted result is delivered to the concerned authority where it is decrypted retaining its originality. We set up our experiment in Amazon EC2 cloud server where several instances were the agents and an instance acted as the server. We varied several parameters so that we could minimize encryption time. After experimentation we produced our desired result within feasible time sustaining the image quality. This work ensures data security in public cloud that was our main concern.