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Ethelbert, O., Moghaddam, F. F., Wieder, P., Yahyapour, R..  2017.  A JSON Token-Based Authentication and Access Management Schema for Cloud SaaS Applications. 2017 IEEE 5th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud). :47–53.

Cloud computing is significantly reshaping the computing industry built around core concepts such as virtualization, processing power, connectivity and elasticity to store and share IT resources via a broad network. It has emerged as the key technology that unleashes the potency of Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile and Web Applications, and other related technologies; but it also comes with its challenges - such as governance, security, and privacy. This paper is focused on the security and privacy challenges of cloud computing with specific reference to user authentication and access management for cloud SaaS applications. The suggested model uses a framework that harnesses the stateless and secure nature of JWT for client authentication and session management. Furthermore, authorized access to protected cloud SaaS resources have been efficiently managed. Accordingly, a Policy Match Gate (PMG) component and a Policy Activity Monitor (PAM) component have been introduced. In addition, other subcomponents such as a Policy Validation Unit (PVU) and a Policy Proxy DB (PPDB) have also been established for optimized service delivery. A theoretical analysis of the proposed model portrays a system that is secure, lightweight and highly scalable for improved cloud resource security and management.

Moghaddam, F. F., Wieder, P., Yahyapour, R..  2017.  A policy-based identity management schema for managing accesses in clouds. 2017 8th International Conference on the Network of the Future (NOF). :91–98.

Security challenges are the most important obstacles for the advancement of IT-based on-demand services and cloud computing as an emerging technology. Lack of coincidence in identity management models based on defined policies and various security levels in different cloud servers is one of the most challenging issues in clouds. In this paper, a policy- based user authentication model has been presented to provide a reliable and scalable identity management and to map cloud users' access requests with defined polices of cloud servers. In the proposed schema several components are provided to define access policies by cloud servers, to apply policies based on a structural and reliable ontology, to manage user identities and to semantically map access requests by cloud users with defined polices. Finally, the reliability and efficiency of this policy-based authentication schema have been evaluated by scientific performance, security and competitive analysis. Overall, the results show that this model has met defined demands of the research to enhance the reliability and efficiency of identity management in cloud computing environments.