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Sengupta, Anirban, Chandra, N. Prajwal, Kumar, E. Ranjith.  2019.  Robust Digital Signature to Protect IP Core against Fraudulent Ownership and Cloning. 2019 IEEE 9th International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE-Berlin). :1—3.

Digital signal processing (DSP) and multimedia based reusable Intellectual property (IP) cores form key components of system-on-chips used in consumer electronic devices. They represent years of valuable investment and hence need protection against prevalent threats such as IP cloning and fraudulent claim of ownership. This paper presents a novel crypto digital signature approach which incorporates multiple security modules such as encryption, hashing and encoding for protection of digital signature processing cores. The proposed approach achieves higher robustness (and reliability), in terms of lower probability of coincidence, at lower design cost than existing watermarking approaches for IP cores. The proposed approach achieves stronger proof of authorship (on average by 39.7%) as well as requires lesser storage hardware compared to a recent similar work.

Sengupta, Anirban, Roy, Dipanjan.  2018.  Reusable intellectual property core protection for both buyer and seller. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE). :1—3.
This paper presents a methodology for IP core protection of CE devices from both buyer's and seller's perspective. In the presented methodology, buyer fingerprint is embedded along seller watermark during architectural synthesis phase of IP core design. The buyer fingerprint is inserted during scheduling phase while seller watermark is implanted during register allocation phase of architectural synthesis process. The presented approach provides a robust mechanisms of IP core protection for both buyer and seller at zero area overhead, 1.1 % latency overhead and 0.95 % design cost overhead compared to a similar approach (that provides only protection to IP seller).
Sengupta, Anirban, Kachave, Deepak.  2018.  Integrating Compiler Driven Transformation and Simulated Annealing Based Floorplan for Optimized Transient Fault Tolerant DSP Cores. 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Smart Electronic Systems (iSES) (Formerly iNiS). :17–20.
Reliability of electronic devices in sub-nanometer technology scale has become a major concern. However, demand for battery operated low power, high performance devices necessitates technology scaling. To meet these contradictory design goals optimization and reliability must be performed simultaneously. This paper proposes by integrating compiler driven transformation and simulated annealing based optimization process for generating optimized low cost transient fault tolerant DSP core. The case study on FIR filter shows improved performance (in terms of reduced area and delay) of proposed approach in comparison to state-of-art transient fault tolerant approach.