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Samoshina, Anna, Promyslov, Vitaly, Kamesheva, Saniya, Galin, Rinat.  2020.  Application of Cloud Modeling Technologies in Ensuring Cyber Security of APCS. 2020 13th International Conference "Management of Large-Scale System Development" (MLSD). :1–5.
This paper describes the development of a module for calculating security zones in the cloud service of APCS modeling. A mathematical model based on graph theory is used. This allows you to describe access relationships between objects and security policy subjects. A comparative analysis of algorithms for traversing graph vertices is performed in order to select a suitable method for allocating security zones. The implemented algorithm for calculating security zones was added to the cloud service
Jharko, Elena, Promyslov, Vitaly, Iskhakov, Andrey.  2019.  Extending Functionality of Early Fault Diagnostic System for Online Security Assessment of Nuclear Power Plant. 2019 International Russian Automation Conference (RusAutoCon). :1–6.

The new instrumentation and control (I&C) systems of the nuclear power plants (NPPs) improve the ability to operate the plant enhance the safety and performance of the NPP. However, they bring a new type of threat to the NPP's industry-cyber threat. The early fault diagnostic system (EDS) is one of the decision support systems that might be used online during the operation stage. The EDS aim is to prevent the incident/accident evolution by a timely troubleshooting process during any plant operational modes. It means that any significative deviation of plant parameters from normal values is pointed-out to plant operators well before reaching any undesired threshold potentially leading to a prohibited plant state, together with the cause that has generated the deviation. The paper lists the key benefits using the EDS to counter the cyber threat and proposes the framework for cybersecurity assessment using EDS during the operational stage.

Promyslov, Vitaly, Jharko, Elena, Semenkov, Kirill.  2019.  Principles of Physical and Information Model Integration for Cybersecurity Provision to a Nuclear Power Plant. 2019 Twelfth International Conference "Management of large-scale system development" (MLSD). :1–3.
For complex technical objects the research of cybersecurity problems should take into account both physical and information properties of the object. The paper considers a hybrid model that unifies information and physical models and may be used as a tool for countering cyber threats and for cybersecurity risk assessment at the design and operational stage of an object's lifecycle.