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Hariyale, Ashish, Thawre, Aakriti, Chandavarkar, B. R..  2021.  Mitigating unsecured data forwarding related attack of underwater sensor network. 2021 12th International Conference on Computing Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT). :1—5.
To improve communication underwater, the underwater sensor networks (UWSN) provide gains for many different underwater applications, like Underwater Data-centers, Aquatic Monitoring, Tsunami Monitoring Systems, Aquatic Monitoring, Underwater Oil Field Discovery, Submarine Target Localization, Surveilling Water Territory of the Country via UWSN, Submarine Target Localization and many more. underwater applications are dependent on secure data communication in an underwater environment, so Data transmission in Underwater Sensor Network is a need of the future. Underwater data transmission itself is a big challenge due to various limitations of underwater communication mediums like lower bandwidth, multipath effect, path loss, propagation delay, noise, Doppler spread, and so on. These challenges make the underwater networks one of the most vulnerable networks for many different security attacks like sinkhole, spoofing, wormhole, misdirection, etc. It causes packets unable to be delivered to the destination, and even worse forward them to malicious nodes. A compromised node, which may be a router, intercepts packets going through it, and selectively drops them or can perform some malicious activity. This paper presents a solution to Mitigate unsecured data forwarding related attacks of an underwater sensor network, our solution uses a pre-shared key to secure communication and hashing algorithm to maintain the integrity of stored locations at head node and demonstration of attack and its mitigation done on Unetstack software.