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Robert Zager.  2017.  A Maginot Line in Cyberspace: The Binding Operational Directive BOD-18-01 DMARC Mandate. Small Wars Journal.
Although DMARC is a good step to enhance some aspects of email security, DMARC does not solve the phishing problem. Adversaries routinely overcome the protections afforded by DMARC. Deceptive emails, a common attack method, target human cognition, not email domains.
Robert Zager, John Zager.  2016.  Why We Will Continue to Lose the Cyber War. Mad Scientist Conference 2016.

The United States is losing the cyberwar. We are losing the cyberwar because cyber defenses apply the wrong philosophy to the wrong operating environment. In order to be effective, future cyber defenses must be viewed in the context of an engagement between human adversaries.

Robert Zager, John Zager.  2013.  Combat Identification in Cyberspace.

This article discusses how a system of Identification: Friend or Foe (IFF) can be implemented in email to make users less susceptible to phishing attacks.